Will the Ethereum Merge crash or revive the crypto market? | Find out now on The Market Report #ethereum #eth


will the ethereum merge crash or revive the crypto market find out now on the market report:

on this week’s the market report show coin telegraph’s resident experts discuss the ethereum merge and how it might impact the crypto market to kick things off we broke down the latest news in the markets this week serge or purge why the merge may not save ether price from september options data macro economic catalysts and technical signals suggest a decline in ether prices on the table despite the merge ethereum’s native token ether eth is not immune to downside risk in september after rallying approximately 90 from its bottom of around 880 in june can ethereum prove analysts wrong and break out in price following the merge or has the price already been factored in and we’ve already seen the price spike for the end of this year eth merge coin gecko co-founder shares strategy for fork tokens many believe that after ethereum transitions to proof of stake pos a faction of ether eth miners will be creating a proof of work pow fork of the network so that they can still keep mining an executive believes that there are ways for eth holders to take advantage of this upcoming event different people are expecting to trade the merge very differently to take advantage our experts highlight some of their plans let us know how you will be doing things in the comments sections ethereum gone wrong here are three signs to keep an eye on during the merge the assumption that ethereum will just transition to a fully functional proof of stake pass network after the merge somewhat ignores the risk and effort necessary to move an asset that has a 193 billion dollar market capitalization and 400 decentralized applications dapps that is precisely why monitoring vital network conditions is essential for anyone willing to trade the event our very own marcel peckman lays down three things to keep an eye on during the merge next up is a new segment called quick crypto tips which aims to give newcomers to the crypto industry quick and easy tips to get the most out of their experience this week’s tip learn when to step aside market expert marcel peckman then carefully examines the bitcoin and ether eth markets are the current market conditions bullish or bearish what is the outlook for the next few months peckman is here to break it down the experts also go over some markets news to bring you up to date on the latest regarding the top two cryptocurrencies lastly we’ve got insights from cointelegraph markets pro a platform for crypto traders who want to stay one step ahead of the market the analysts use coin telegraph markets pro to identify two altcoins that stood out this week lido dow tokens ldo and fearowsfero do you have a question about a coin or topic not covered here don’t worry join the youtube chat room and write your questions there the person with the most interesting comment or question will be given a one month subscription to markets pro worth 100 the market report streams live every tuesday at 12 p.m et 4 p.m utc so be sure to head on over to cointelegraph’s youtube page and smash those like and subscribe buttons for all our future videos and updates

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