Cash makers I desire to chat to you guys about Luna classic Terra Luna classic regarding the crypto Market a range of crypto news and furthermore can Elon Musk set up Luna classic as a change of shopping Twitter is that this staunch fraudulent is it one thing that's even that you furthermore mght can agree with we're going to hide that all I request is that you give me a impossible smile to send out these Simply.

Vibes Simply Vibes and also you know the scheme in which we treasure it up steal it up I forgot to request you to tickle the treasure button nevertheless you know in a a platonic device So on the 2d the label of Terra Luna classic is at 0.3023320s that you can request your self Avi why lift out you bag so many jokes effectively you.

You know you furthermore mght can restful be extra excessive crypto and investing is excessive edifying in stocks I verbalize howdy most continuously the full lot's going gargantuan edifying and the markets are going up and even when the markets are going up we is susceptible to be happy when the markets are going on we is susceptible to be happy edifying I strive to send out the Simply Vibes so even when issues are seeing Bleak we.

Can procure some happiness and revel in ourselves edifying no longer every the full lot and each day is ready um you know making cash I understand it's cash maker nevertheless most continuously correct placing a smile in your face so I hope I will lift out that so on the 2d again the label of lunar classic is here we s we're hoping edifying we had been treasure oh let's procure away of.

This uh downward Style got here back nevertheless edifying and here is sure it has nothing to lift out with lunar classic for the explanation that market popped up got here backtrack edifying here is Bitcoin ethereum identical movement popped up got here backtrack so the full lot that you know had a movement closing night uh got here backtrack so uh we're restful on this downward Style edifying uh it.

It bought rejected here on this problem supported here on this problem and this present day we now possess got any other binance Burn Fair accurate the binance burn is going to be coming out uh potentially in about a hours uh again um the anticipation is edifying I'm having a uncover about on the four hour chart we can look edifying that the numbers it will likely be lower than closing week both lower or regarding the.

Same so closing week we had two and a half of one billion Luna classic I could presumably well gaze us having this week around 1.8 to presumably uh 2.5 or presumably 1.7 to 2.5 someplace in that vary presumably rather bit lower uh I forgot to construct my phone on silence uh presumably around that vary uh and and we may presumably well gaze us one thing treasure that.

Going on um don't don't you know possess high hopes for this don't possess low hopes for this edifying we're persevering with any other week extra burns extra Burns be conscious Luna classic uh Burns edifying uh I've been at a stage the set up the neighborhood Burns and the tax Burns had been plenty lower than the binance aspects and I know here is.

Discouraging nevertheless as a minimum we now possess got the magnets Burns edifying uh to this point the on chain volume treasure there became once some YouTubers got here out when we had this in the future and we're declaring it's successful the the reduction is extra mountainous on chain volume and I became once treasure howdy howdy wait a 2d protect your horses here let's schweissway let's wait a 2d gaze.

What's going on here for Luna classic and we've considered the the amount has declined since then edifying about back to the set up we had been sooner than um so that you may perchance this point no longer having a uncover about gargantuan uh nevertheless we'll proceed to trace it I don't desire to I don't desire to offer uh you know successful or failure after a week let's give it a month two months gaze the scheme in which it is.

And worst case mission we switch it back edifying um confidently it received't you know uh break their momentum here nevertheless um we lift out possess extra issues coming out here for Luna classic we lift out possess the unique validators coming in and we be conscious what took insist closing time mistaking became once started here for Luna classic there became once.

A mountainous drag so potentially that would happen again in the following couple of days we'll gaze what happens with that we now possess got the rates of interest the hike coming in about a week or so and we now possess got midterm elections this week subsequent week there's no longer going to be plenty going on in the markets the markets will be very very kangaroosh up down up down and it's.

Going to be very very stressful you're going to desire to throw your phone on the wall you may perchance smash some issues lumber to the gym protect a drag uh employ some chocolate um you know lift out rather bit uh yoga rather bit meditation and if you happen to’ve a important totally different if you happen to don't you furthermore mght are you able to know lift out totally different additional activities you furthermore mght can lift out it by your self you know no.

Nothing unpleasant with that uh nevertheless you know correct reduction the stress rather bit because it can change into very uh disturbing times treasure this when it's up down up down now binance is going to lift out their burn nevertheless Finance is dominating problem and derivative crypto trading and the competitors isn't even conclude here is racy each person is conscious of that most of what's.

Going on for Luna classic the commissions are coming from the problem trading are nearly all of it um because I advised you even I I didn't I didn't pay any price after I uh uh equipped my Luna classic because I transferred usdt to lunar classic so I didn't if truth be told buy Luna classic edifying I I convert it edifying and for the.

Conversion I didn't pay any price I paid the fee on the usdt that that I had edifying or I equipped sooner than I had sold one thing else in snort that that became once the set up the fee became once going on edifying and in snort that extra or less hurts luno classic that you furthermore mght can straight out buy Luna Basic on the platform from you know bank card or monetary institution accounts or no longer it is crucial to.

Convert it after which so meaning it your total these all these are coming from the problem trading and it's a sure that binance is restful uh you know the principle the biggest one of all of them and we gaze even though you happen to switch and also you protect a uncover about here you know that you know they're well-known around 50 of all Luna classic trading is occurring on binance which is.

Monumental racy that crypto Wales in South Korea to reach back below surveillance to discontinuance cash laundering after your total the Quan debacle uh they're you know placing extra emphasis on this and we'll gaze if this also can proceed all the scheme in which via the enviornment each person is conscious of in the US The United States IRS is looking out to you know procure.

The SEC IRS strive to lock down on crypto wheels and also you know those who’re laundering cash um so we'll gaze if this became once gonna change into one thing extra of a significance or are we going to uncover about a um you know folk proceed to lift out that sooner than we proceed I desire to remind you guys about our partner MooMoo which are.

Giving out 15 free stocks if you ticket up don't don't pass over this likelihood guys they're furthermore giving out any other 10 bucks to desire whatever you wish on the app uh in snort that's for the 10-year anniversary I'll procure rather bit price uh if you happen to enroll using my link and a range of of you’ve signed up nevertheless no longer switch the cash guys what are you.

Looking at for don't pass over out on the opportunity to procure these free stocks web3 grows in online searches as interest in Bitcoin declines here is racy edifying that web3 you know I read elsewhere that if truth be told Fb edifying they're going heavy on web3 and digital actuality and there's a decline in that as effectively so it correct seems.

That after it became once a huge mountainous thing folk are less in metaverse web 3 and Bitcoin correct because it's long previous down edifying and there's enough issues going all the scheme in which via the enviornment and folk are announcing themselves ugh what lift out I could presumably well perchance like this met edifying nevertheless on the flips they verbalize howdy presumably the metaverse is an acceptable recommendation because.

All the pieces's injurious correct lumber for an hour detach edifying lumber accurate into a impossible world lumber edifying and issues treasure that so we'll gaze if this uh if it comes in waves it comes back uh there's consistently you know waves the set up the set up issues procure very very current after which decline so we'll gaze how that plays out analysts who call Bitcoin 2022 atomize.

Predicts drawing conclude rally for Bitcoin and ethereum problems alert to xrp Holders as effectively so I talked about this closing night is the crypto cool weather over edifying are we going to uncover about an incredible cease of the year rally it seems treasure it's Brewing edifying it seems treasure it's Brewing here till the cease of the year.

Um nevertheless nevertheless we don't know edifying and and folk procure angry about this in the comment allotment this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about he doesn't know if it's going up or he doesn't know if it's going on if you happen to know somebody edifying that is conscious of 100 of the time what's gonna happen then they may potentially be the richest.

Particular person in the enviornment edifying nobody is conscious of okay um we can strive to predict with technical evaluation we can strive to search on the historic previous and take a look at out to uncover about what's going to happen on the cease of the day 9 out of ten times we is susceptible to be edifying after which one time we lumber all in and it.

Goes totally different device that's why you furthermore mght can restful be very cautious no longer lumber all in no longer lift out too heavy of a leverage because most continuously there's an tournament that you furthermore mght can't uh prepare for edifying and and that's that's mandatory that's why I verbalize I there's you understand it's Brewing it's Brewing nevertheless it indubitably can't be a hundred p.c that it's gonna happen in 10.

Days and 15 days in 100 days and I don't know edifying I will't issue you evidently nevertheless it indubitably seems treasure edifying if we possess a look on the historic previous that there's going to be an cease of the year rally uh this is susceptible to be racy to uncover about how how steady and and how high this also can lumber expert merchants Intriguing to put money into crypto despite scc's aggression so seems that.

An increasing type of folk are entering into cryptocurrency uh which is racy trading because it's been extra or less uninteresting edifying you’d deem that they may desire to reach back in when it's extra uh racy extra uh you know dangerous uh nevertheless okay uh even though they're they're coming down now let's talk about edifying this so I know.

You're gonna be treasure the keyboard Warriors are going to issue Avi it's a humorous story edifying uh nevertheless I understand it's potentially it's a humorous story edifying a nevertheless here is racy a mission let's verbalize it's no longer Elon Musk nevertheless let's read first the tweet from luncie classic he makes a range of jokes edifying so here is that here is a humorous story I desire to reach back out and verbalize it's a humorous story.

Um nevertheless we you know we we now possess got to possess some fun on this these times so hashtag Elon Musk as a change of spending 44 billion shopping Twitter employ 1.4 billion to burn 6 trillion Luna classic edifying 10 billion to bag repeg the truth is first by 11 mm in Luna Classics 44 billion of Luna Classics you'll employ 12 and a half of billion your lunar Classics would label.

Worthy bigger than 44 billion and also you can buy Twitter so here is a protect-protect mission for Mr Elan he I he didn't answer I don't deem so edifying uh nevertheless this may perchance be uh an entertaining mission if he would if truth be told lift out it uh I possess below no conditions except now heard about Elon Muska with Luna classic I don't deem he would reach correct because.

Of the uh the you know he's uh he's the Doge guy edifying uh and also you know the Quan has that stink on him correct resulting from that I don't deem somebody of his stature would uh lift out one thing treasure this uh nevertheless it indubitably's racy mission may presumably well some huge whale edifying here is why I needed to lift it up may presumably well some huge whale some billionaire reach and buy a.

One point one billion greenbacks of lunar classic edifying or a 500 million greenbacks of Luna classic and correct burn it edifying and and after which his totally different half of of Luna classic is susceptible to be is susceptible to be worth mountainous edifying in the occasion that they if somebody does treasure three trillion and burns half of of the circulating Supply Luna classic is gonna Skyrocket edifying in in a topic of uh you.

Know about a days so then his Luna classic would be worth mighty extra the quiz is would it no longer lumber up uh bigger than 100 potentially edifying so then they may bag back all that cash that they correct quote unquote wasted to burn and in snort that's an entertaining mission uh and and we'll gaze uh if somebody will lift out this edifying uh.

Would possibly presumably there be some you know convincing of somebody uh to lift out this is in a position to presumably well there be a neighborhood uh initiative edifying the neighborhood initiatives are consistently hashtag uh let's burn a thousand greenbacks a day what if and here is rather bit dangerous because somebody's gonna want to be accountable of this we verbalize bag treasure a donation which is.

Form of the identical device as burning nevertheless I know if it's a campaign or verbalize we now possess got a goal here of getting uh 500 million greenbacks edifying and if we procure to Publishers a range of money I know if we procure the 500 million greenbacks it's all going to burn edifying um after which contributors presumably will donate now I don't know if folk will lift out this.

Fair accurate nevertheless uh they'd want to furthermore possess lunar classic and it it's it's it's racy opinion nevertheless may presumably well this happen edifying let me know in the comment allotment down underneath lift out you deem here is an acceptable recommendation or no longer uh furthermore take a look at out the hyperlinks and uh Mumu as effectively and don't put out of your mind to smash the treasure button guys thanks for looking out at I hope to uncover about you subsequent time and.

Devour I consistently verbalize let's bag a range of money

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