How to Send Alerts from Tradingview to Telegram #Tradingview #Telegram


New Way for Sending Alerts from Tradingview to Telegram:

I found a new way for sending alerts from tradingview to telegram channel or telegram group by using webhook. I’ve been looking for a while and most of the ways had problems. Some of them had delays in sending the alerts and were not secure because they were using public bots. Some of them required money and were not free. Some of the ways needed coding knowledge. The way I recommend does not have these problems.

Sending Alerts from Tradingview to Telegram steps:
1. Signup to TradingView
2. Creating a telegram channel or group
3. Creating a telegram bot by using botfather
4. Signing in/up in

Keep in mind that you need to have a plan in Tradingview, pro, pro+ or premium for using webhooks.

Signup at TradingView:

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