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Make Money

This is how to make money online copying historical art pictures:

learn how you can make money from pictures and sell your mobile phone photos on stock photography websites.
make $300 passive income on redbubble using this method, let me know if you have any other pros or cons for redbubble that i haven’t thought of since i probably won’t have the same outlook i had when i was just starting out!

step by step how to earn money for uploading photos and make money online from home:

1. go to metmuseum.org
2. enter the The Met Collection and search for a historical art.
3. go and signup at redbubble.com
4. edit your image if necessary and make sure there is no deprecate design on redbubble.
5. upload your design into redbubble and complete the posting steps.
6. share your products link to social media to get sales.

No sales on redbubble?

you started redbubble and you can’t see any sales improvement or maybe your didn’t make any sale yet well this video is about tips and tricks for redbubble or any print on demand platform to make passive income maybe one of these tips could help you make decent money on redbubble.
as great as redbubble sounds it might not be the right fit for everyone so i’ll be breaking down why i like selling on it what could be better about it and some examples of things i’ve experienced during my time on redbubble (and similar sites).
and now i make more than 300 dollars passively from redbubble if you want to do the same make sure to watch this video closely…

1. What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is a global online marketplace where people buy and sell art prints, t-shirts, posters, phone cases, and much more. We have over 1 million products in our store and we ship worldwide.

2. What is Metmuseum.org?

The official website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here you can find out what exhibitions are currently on display, how to get tickets, and even view some of the collections.


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