How To Bulk Delete Old Facebook Posts – How To Delete Your Old Facebook Posts In Bulk #facebook #socialmedia

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how to delete all your facebook posts from one single button:

hello and welcome to another youtube video in today’s video i’m gonna show you guys how to delete all your facebook posts from one single button so uh all you need is to go to facebook app from the phone you can do it also from the desktop but i uh i recommend you to use the app because it’s easy and it’s so fast okay so all you need is download the facebook app from google play and just log in and follow step by step with me so after you click on the facebook app you go here to to the very corner of the page then click on the setting gear icon right here okay so uh after that you’re gonna click on the profile settings then keep scrolling down until you find that option which is the activity log okay so as you see here there is this this option sorry manage your posts i’m gonna click on it all right so as you see here there is a list of posts for me that i’ve done uh through the years in facebook okay so if you click on filters you’ll get your you have the option to choose the date right the starting date and the ending date all right so you can delete specific posts by date all right or you can click on all to select all of your facebook posts and you have here two options you can delete it to and send it to the recycle bin or you can archive it all right either of the choices it’s uh it’s not it’s gonna make your posts invisible on your facebook profile so you can delete it or archive it all right and i personally recommend you to archive your facebook posts so you don’t know you may need it someday all right that’s it for today’s guys i hope you like this video don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to this channel i’m gonna catch up to you in another youtube video ciao.

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