LUNA – Looks Like This Crypto Will Never Recover. #Luna #Terra


LUNA – Looks Like This Crypto Will Never Recover:

When it comes to these algorithmic stable coins I believe we should always be aware of what they backed by.
Commodity like this should noway have happed to a stable coin.
Assignment learnt for all those that were involved in this design.

I also believe regulation would be a good thing especially for stable coins.
After some careful consideration on the fundamentals and also the analysis of the swells I suppose it’s safe to say that this Crypto is dead.

Whether you are looking at total force or indeed the characters involved in its creation, there are a many effects that feel off about the whole thing.
During this bear request I suppose it would be wise to consider doing exploration on systems that have true value and great network effect.

Good Luck!
Remember to use Chastened Money Management Principles to insure life as a dealer.

If you do not know the long term pattern should not you be doing your exploration rather of just following the crowd?
Just remember I’m not a fiscal counsel, I suggest using this only as a companion. Always do your own exploration.

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