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A brand recent version of mini z and this used to be a infamous tool mining tool that we always frail for mining let's direct flux as an illustration for the longest time and then I would direct presumably within the past couple of weeks here we've all been doubtlessly been the utilization of LOL Miner as we've been getting 20 presumably 30 extra hash payment on a great deal of our gpus particularly for the.

30 sequence gpus but now mini z correct came out with an update here and it looks worship as I'm correct going to yelp correct now my 30 70s I'm getting a tiny of bit extra hash payment at the same overclocks on the utilization of the utilization of the most modern version of mini z here so I correct want to showcase that on this video disappear thru that and furthermore I want to showcase my 8 by 6700x t-rig.

Which I correct turned on and it's on LOL Miner correct now but I want to replace it over to mini z and watch if we're going to gather a tiny of bit extra attributable to I literally correct made that video of turning it relieve on and literally two days within the past there's been a brand recent tool and I want to strive it out on this rig okay so yeah a couple issues correct to Showcase to.

You guys with any luck you guys will procure extra hash payment as wisely for if for anybody that's been mining flux okay so forward of we launch up this video is backed by at the same time as you guys are purchasing for GPU mining Hardware they also have loads in stock here and certainly one of my favourite ones are the nerd gears 30 amp 240 volt metered vitality distribution.

Objects and as wisely they discontinue have graphics playing cards oh wisely looks worship their stock on graphics playing cards have been happening but looks worship the pricing has truly been coming down as wisely for a great deal of these gpus check it out they settle for crypto and credit score card as rate guys nerd okay so correct to video display you guys my hive OS presumably a tiny of little bit of an.

Substitute here of what I'm mining purchased my a2000s on Ergo I purchased usually four 30 70 Rigs they typically’re mining uh flux for the time being which I'll video display you the the hash payment distinction between LOL Miner and mini z okay and then furthermore my 8x6700xt rig on Flex so correct attributable to I don't I want to showcase the distinction here against mini z and then I truly have a.

Lonely 5700 XT which is on LOL Miner mining flux which has been reasonably correct and then I truly have four 6600 XT mining Rigs and also you guys know I'm operating meowcoin and yaksa on these rigs silly factor to indicate forward of I collect into the mini z discuss here is stare at my AMD playing cards versus my Nvidia playing cards stare at stare at what number of errors I'm getting on my AMD playing cards.

Versus my Nvidia playing cards so it's correct silly to indicate that you perceive with my AMD playing cards I truly have rigs that restart worship the total time and I always have some gpus which might well well even be always worship overclocking concerns or you perceive issues worship that and has to restart and let me know at the same time as you guys have that relate but yeah I mean I believe that's one thing reasonably same old for a.

Lot of AMD miners I don't know presumably some people will direct ah every time you correct want to you correct want to tune higher and also you perceive what I correct I'm correct I truly have not any persistence and I believe that's I believe that's certainly one of the issues that's reasonably substandard for me in phrases of AMD playing cards but but I want to perceive what you guys think as wisely but yeah so many.

Errors in spite of all the pieces let's disappear mini z okay mini z has the most modern version they are saying here predominant performance improvements for 125.4 algo on all gpus up to 20 performance improvements on 150.5 on all gpus and uh they’ve a bunch of different uh issues here one good factor to indicate here added give a boost to for the Nvidia RTX 40 sequence gpus so that's that's reasonably correct okay.

Let's disappear thru now the distinction here I'm going to video display you guys my 30 70s first so this indispensable rig I correct moved over to mini z and stare at that 69 with the exception of the chairs good and uh and I'll refresh that 133 now so this rig has exclusively been on for approximately eight minutes but I truly have been seeing a noticeable Enchancment in phrases of the hash payment.

Right here I frail to be getting about you perceive 68 to 70 Souls per 2nd on majority of the gpus here now they're all usually over 70 with the exception of for this one here at uh 68.69 but here is calling reasonably correct at these overclock settings nothing nothing too special I'm the utilization of PC zero Express thousand memory 150 core 137 vitality limit okay next 30 70 rig one more mini z rig.

Right here correct moved over and yeah we're seeing identical outcomes positively higher but let's disappear to my LOL Miner rig here the 3070 rig which I was operating LOL Miner correct now now not too long within the past on all of these 370 Rigs and now okay correct to video display you the distinction here what I was in most cases getting okay here is the LOL Miner rig okay correct to video display you here and uh total.

Rig we're getting 549 Souls but stare at this 69 68 67 Soul 67 69 68 souls okay and now if we disappear to my final 3070 rig which I correct moved over to mini z you doubtlessly can even watch now the the hash rates have long gone up here 72 70 70 71 in every single assign 70 with the same overclock settings that's the kicker here so that you perceive correct to video display that disparity here from LOL Miner to.

The recent mini z Miner we are getting a tiny of bit extra souls okay the total rig is now 572 all correct versus the 551 all correct I'll video display the I recount the vitality consumption might well well even be a suited factor for a great deal of oldsters we're at 12.95 for the mini z rig on this one and the other rig is 12 uh 69 Watts on LOL Miner okay on this rig so looks worship I'm seeing higher.

Results here in phrases of the hash payment but I didn't compare at the pool if it’s any higher or now now not that's one factor but I belief mini z in a capacity that you perceive we've been the utilization of it forward of and if there goes to be a suited disparity from at the pool to what the tool reads then I believe we're all going to glimpse that in some contrivance reasonably rapidly I correct want to.

Mercurial discuss in regards to the developer rate as wisely for anybody that cares but mini z it's two p.c for equihash and then for LOL Miner it's truly one p.c so that you perceive for the tiny little bit of hash payment that we're getting Much less on LOL Miner I ponder if that you perceive if that if reality be told makes a distinction or now now not the one p.c there two p.c for mini z and.

One p.c from LOL miners that have been getting a tiny of bit extra hash correct here so yeah I want to perceive what you guys factor in that okay so let me disappear forward now my 6700 XT rig I truly have added a tiny of bit extra hash correct here I've carried out some tiny bit extra attempting out here some of you guys are asking about panda you ought to be succesful of gather extra hash payment.

For your 6700 xt's and yes I’m able to but as I'm going bigger on the core I collect less atmosphere succesful that's one thing I want to discontinue a tiny of little bit of a tiny of little bit of math on okay so I truly already did it here so within the day outdated to this's video that rig that I I did the day outdated to this used to be in a device to gather a 0.35 uh efficiency on flux okay as as a total okay I'm now now not.

Talking per GPU as a total and now with uh with the settings I truly have here on these 6700x I'm getting 0.33 so as I'm going up in in in actuality uh the core which I've added up now the vitality consumption is getting a tiny of bit bigger so that's what I correct desired to discuss about here a great deal of oldsters are asserting crimson panda you doubtlessly can even collect extra souls.

You’re going to gather extra hashary I know but as you discontinue that the vitality consumption goes to gather bigger and the efficiency goes to launch getting a tiny of bit lower so that you perceive for me you perceive I'm trying to preserve beneath my vitality consumption manner worship my vitality capacity so that's why I was retaining it at that level worship 29 to 30 Souls so in spite of all the pieces.

Guys let me switch this to uh mini z and we might well well be correct relieve you guys uh freeze frame this be correct relieve okay we are on mini z now and yeah we're getting I believe yeah we're getting extra so we're getting extra hash correct here and I believe the vitality consumption went down as wisely which is uh you perceive what.

Let me stare at my calculator so here’s what we have been getting here’s what we're getting forward of uh 278 souls and now we're at 298 for the total rig and we're at 8 41 uh vitality consumption 841 Watts at the wall uh the utilization of LOL Miner so we've looks worship we've knocked off worship 21 watts and we've gained worship let's watch nearly I'm gonna direct one more 20 Souls.

Yeah 20 souls okay 20 Souls we've gained to this level so which manner I'm reasonably certain which manner the efficiency is extra healthy here so we're at 0.33 so if we did uh 298 divided by uh 825 that's going to present us 0.36 oh there you disappear so this total rig is is doing reasonably correct as as a total um let's stare at the tool here in case anybody desires to be conscious so here is.

What mini z looks worship here for the 6700 XT rig stare at that reasonably good vitality consumptions looking out reasonably correct looking out I mean uh efficiency within the tool but all over again correct worship we talked about within the day outdated to this's video the tool vitality consumption is now now not at the the actual at the wall every person knows AMD playing cards uh are.

Hang a tiny of bit extra at the wall so if we did worship let's correct direct practical of worship 80 events uh events events eight so that might well well wisely be the tool wattage but you doubtlessly can even watch we with the OCTA miners that we’ve here it presentations the actual vitality consumption at the wall so we're at 824.7 Watts uh yeah so I mean the 120 mil fans preserve a tiny of vitality as wisely but.

Yeah you guys can doubtlessly discontinue the maths there how powerful these playing cards truly preserve I'm going to yelp one more 20 watts added on onto it at the wall so guys yeah I believe that's correct yeah it looks worship mini z is now the king for I recount flux mining now against LOL Miner but depends on uh at the same time as you equate the one p.c rate on LOL Miner and then two p.c on.

Mini Z so what extra hash payment or less hash payment and now not more developer rate on LOL Miner or extra hash payment extra developer rate on Mini Z all depends now thank you Ronnie for that distinction there as wisely on the developer rate there Randy thank you so powerful man okay guys that's it for this video that's that's truly all I desired to discontinue let me know your thoughts.

Of you guys garnered extra hash payment with mini z I'm gonna I'm gonna procure that most of you have so all correct I'll watch you the next one have a correct one peace out

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