Comparison: One ui 4.1 vs Miui 13 #One #Miui

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One UI 4.1 comparison with MIUI 13:

MIUI 13:

– Fluid and responsive.
– Focused on processing.
– Powered by centralized computing.
– Fascinatingly fluid in 44 core processes.
– Stable even in the background.
– Atomized memory.
– MIUI pays attention to every detail of memory usage.
– increased background process efficiency by 40%.
– Still good as new as time goes by.
– Liquid storage.
– In 36 months, the storage performance of other Android devices decreases by 50%.
– MIUI boosts the efficiency of defragmentation by 60%.
– In 36 months, the storage performance of devices running MIUI decreases by only 5%.
– Balanced power consumption.
– Smart balance.
– the power consumption comfort zone.
– On average, MIUI decreases power consumption by 10%.

One UI 4.1:

– The One UI 4.1 design is largely similar to that of One UI 4.0.
– One of the new additions is the improvement of the RAM Plus feature.
– the update for many of its compatible devices in the coming weeks and months .

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