Best GPU for mining after ETH Merge #gpu #gpumining


This is the top GPUs after the merge:

1. Rx 6700xt – rvn (only GPU) ~ 0.16$/day
2. Rtx 2080ti – Flux ~ 0.33$/day
3. Rtx 3070 – ergo ~ 0.16$/day

also Intel Arc A750 expected Price is $350 with the same specs of RTX 3060 release soon so expect more low prices and most of the GPUs will be useless for mining so only the most efficient GPUs will stay in the game.


GPU Mining:

GPU mining is the process of using graphics processing units (GPU) to mine cryptocurrencies. GPUs are designed to perform complex mathematical operations, making them ideal for cryptocurrency mining. In order to use a GPU for mining, users need to download special software onto their computer. Once installed, they can then connect their GPU to the internet and start mining.


Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts and operates without any central authority or middlemen. It was created in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin and introduced as a blockchain-based alternative to Bitcoin.

Proof of Stake:

Proof of stake is a consensus mechanism where validators stake tokens in return for being allowed to validate transactions. Validators are rewarded based on how many transactions they process.


PoW stands for Proof of Work. A type of cryptography that requires solving complicated math problems to verify transactions.


PoS stands for Proof of Stake. A type of cryptography where validators stake tokens to gain transaction rights.

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