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Foreign welcome to 1 other change video about cardano what's going on here on the present time so karano is fully delivering on the bullish doubtless um I removed the drawing discontinuance space of arena from the chart yeah as you’ll withhold in mind we talked about one more low.

Being somewhat seemingly um I agree with here’s restful the case nonetheless for now we are focusing on higher the motive being simply that we broke above the old wave four high I prompt you in old videos as quickly as we enact this which used to be the 37.2 Cent stage the bullish arena will net more seemingly so that used to be one doable one distinct breakout.

Point and then we had the 50 retracement at 38 and a half cents a stride above that stage in overall made an drawing discontinuance promote-off no longer doable and for the time being we are able to focal level on higher and I'm telling you unless which stages we are able to or against which stage switch can focal level on higher because while here’s now very factual and it's doubtless a turning level for this.

Shot it is no longer confirmed but the least bit just a few things gather to happen to substantiate a bullish breakout nonetheless it certainly is taking a look in actuality factual um again one more low used to be seemingly nonetheless I very I made it very distinct here on the 21st of October and also you’ll look it while you re-watch the video from that day that I stated the gather Market low might well doubtless well furthermore.

Dangle been struck here at 33 cents because there used to be a method or there is a technique to count this total downtrend as total and we expected a somewhat a sturdy retracement or restoration anyway that it’d be that sturdy I didn't live up for nonetheless we expected from here somewhat a sturdy restoration and doubtless that the gather Market low used to be already in.

Now if this already the gather Market low I agree with it's moderately too early to in actuality roar that nonetheless the um bullish doubtless certainly stays now on Therma or stance on firmer ground with the most traditional pump to the upside and I'll let you know how I at this time look the market now so for the time being I enact count this as total.

The low at 33 cents um constantly moderately skeptical of this form of rally on a day love that it now needs to you know apply via as effectively for the time being as you might well doubtless well furthermore look it's best three waves up in actuality we gather now got one two and three yeah and correct via the wave three we furthermore gather best three waves so this might well furthermore restful fail we haven't got 5 waves.

To the upside so that will doubtless well then um again build the bullish doubtless on great more firmer ground nonetheless I constantly question in these videos you know how great affirmation enact you’ll like how lengthy enact you desire to wait um and clearly this used to be a sturdy stride against attend we gather been hugely oversold some of you’ve got long gone.

Prolonged here congrats while you potentially did um the level now I gather to net is that in my survey this twelve months used to be a wave one two we did count it love that within the old video within the bullish count and here’s one other one two setup and um this then is the Wave 3 of the higher wave 3. so what now needs to happen is in actuality away for retracement and the.

Wave 5 of three and then we need to always restful look away four in inexperienced and the tactic 5 in inexperienced and that will doubtless well build in space a higher wave one k so that will doubtless well then be the form of first wave here to the upside that we are able to seem at and then the retracement in Wave 2 will pick um if the bullish doubtless form of survives or if the chart will fail.

However for the time being it's taking a look factual um within the old video I restful had an ABC here as a predominant arena so here the wave a then a wave B down and the wave C to the upside would furthermore gather been a 5 wave stride so in overall a b and then an Impulse to the upside nonetheless the level is that this has moved up too great to be restful a wave C k so.

Um it can doubtless well need to be something assorted something more bullish nonetheless for the time being I'm focusing on yeah in overall the bullish count yeah simply because we gather now got invalidated the doubtless bearish counts now with this sturdy stride something we discussed on Friday already now um nonetheless here’s obviously a trim stride.

Agreeable this looks somewhat factual really so um it's the particular that Karana has completed at this time which is which is de facto significant now the level is now what stage now enact we desire to defend to withhold the bullish doubtless so to begin with most major is now obviously this attend stage down here which is the 35.7 stage most major to defend this.

One anyway nonetheless here’s form of more substantial stage what’s terribly significant now within the instant term is the wave four yeah so I agree with the tactic four might well doubtless well furthermore gather started so what enact we enact we are really going to measure the um retracement of wave 3. into wave four and I agree with Wave 4 can gather started now.

Ideally what you’ll build a matter to now is a technique for retracement into the space between the 23.6 retracement and the 50 retracement so between 40.2 cents and 38.5 cents going below 38.5 would be somewhat bearish or on the least it can doubtless well no longer be bullish it can doubtless well allow it can doubtless well no longer allow us on to stride higher it can doubtless well build.

Some doubt on the bullish case here in an best pattern we might well doubtless well now defend attend on this space and then stride up in a fifth wave in a fifth wave of three and the assign will that land here’s now moderately sophisticated to build because we had a wide rally and I gather to know the assign Wave 4 will pause so it's moderately laborious to claim nonetheless I would.

Teach somewhere maybe around 43 44 Cent space for the third wave here then there’ll seemingly be a fourth wave down within the fifth wave up might well doubtless well furthermore hang us maybe into the you know 44 45 46 Cent differ and then this Wave 2 will mediate if the bullish doubtless goes to reside on because this might well be the correction of this stride to the upside and in any.

Correction any Wave 2 correction what would be significant to defend is the 78.6 retracement counting on how high we stride obviously um we are able to assemble to stride looking out the assign we are nonetheless let's roar we attain maybe the 46 Cent stage on this wave one here then it’d be significant to defend the 30 35.8 Cent stage in any retracement nonetheless for.

Now it's taking a look factual I agree with for now we are able to focal level on higher very instant term I agree with we are able to build a matter to now this method forward or Wave 3 retracement into wave four nonetheless in overall as lengthy as we're retaining this attend stage here the predominant target can now be on higher arresting arresting day arresting chart k so hopefully you like the change about ADA um while you potentially did.

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