Best Coins for Holding 2022 bear market #coin #token


Top coins for Holding 2022 bear market:

This is my coins ranking from best to worst:
1. best  bear market portfolio:
BTC 20%, ETH 50%, DOGE 10%, USDC 10%, Others 10%.
2. Coins that have a Big Utility future:
Polkadot, Internet computer ICP, Chain link, Web energy.
3. coins my dominate in the long run:
XRP, Xmr, Xlm.
4. Other interesting coins:
Cardano, The graph, Optimism, Avalanche, Matic, Mina, Ltc, Sol (interesting but my go to 0).
5. Coins miners will move to after ETH Merge:
Raven, Ergo, Etc, Flux.

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