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Ripple Expands Its Remittance Technology to Philippines via QNB:

In a major move, Ripple mate QNB has launched a direct remittance service for plutocrat transfers from Qatar to the Philippines. This makes it the first bank in Qatar to introduce the service. Through the use of Ripple’s fiscal technology,” RippleNet,” QNB will establish a connection with China Bank, one of the top private universal banks in the Philippines, to offer this service. The new service aims to offer the bank’s guests an easy remittance process as well as a quick and enhancedcross-border plutocrat transfer option. The service, which primarily caters to Filipino people abiding in Qatar, would enable them to incontinently shoot finances up to PHP50,000 to any bank in the Philippines.

What is Ripple XRP:

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network. Ripple uses blockchain technology to enable real time global payments. Ripple’s goal is to provide financial institutions with a frictionless way to send money around the world. Ripple offers its own digital currency called XRP (ripple). Ripple’s XRP is designed to work with any currency. You can use XRP to pay for things online or at stores using services like

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