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Upright better than the relaxation we've ever considered earlier than and on the largest checklist of the full coronavirus and the upcoming crash Monetary collapse presumably marks the cease of the Industrial Age and the initiating of the data age it's a truly enormous transfer and the folk which would possibly be in anguish this day are folk restful caught in Industrial Age recommendations the folk that.

Are struggling financially haven't moved on but those of you at house estimable now who are sitting going nonetheless I'm going to lose my job my house my pension and all right here’s because you're trapped with all recommendations and as most folk know is that you just already know when I got right here up with Prosperous Dad Melancholy Dad with 20 one thing years within the past Significant Boulevard.

Media crucified me you already know they acknowledged Prosperous Dad Melancholy death you don't know what you're talking about you already know I acknowledged the rich don't work for money Savers are losers your house is no longer an asset and I turn out to be crucified estimable crucified and the gorgeous files is necessary ingredient can occur estimable now is no longer job security nonetheless valuable.

Work so that you just and I don't want the money nonetheless our work is Valuable and it's our valuable work that gets us via the laborious instances so the gorgeous files is my firm is sold out we can no longer protect with product the spoiled files is present chain shut down nonetheless that's a gorgeous scenario now we beget tons of cash I truly beget gold I truly beget.

Silver and I develop beget challenges within the right property market nonetheless that's going to arrangement me stronger that's my only perspective I will beget in any other case I estimable insist and dispute effectively the authorities must restful make a selection care of me I desire a bail out many extendables stimulus formula welfare for the rich when I talk about over with adolescents with drives the faculty academics I don't return to.

Colleges anymore because I'm no longer politically estimable you already know what I mean so I went reduction you already know any individual I could possibly indicate the match I acknowledged let's estimable mediate of Dorothy and The Wizard of already know there turn out to be the Tin Man there turn out to be a solid man and there turn out to be a lion with no coronary heart and so they conception they may be able to also stride peep the wizard and The Wizard would give.

Them what they requested so they'd assassinate on the yellow brick road and so they pulled reduction the curb as a reduction there this enormous phantasm and that's Ben Bernanke Jenna Yellen and the sky Powell and earlier than that turn out to be that other character fearful his name already nonetheless they all americans thinks they're wizards nonetheless they're managed by grunge inferior.

In model cashless our wealth is stolen via the money we work for we want monetary education since the right scenario of this disaster began reduction in 1904 when the richest guys on Earth took over the educations to seem the United States they formed a ingredient called the well-liked education board turn out to be formed by guys cherish Rockefeller and JP Morgan and.

What they pulled out of Education turn out to be Monetary education and that's why I wrote Prosperous Dad Melancholy Dad it turn out to be a warning shot across the bow reduction in 1997 and acknowledged wake up one thing's coming down the road so we're right here estimable now right here’s the largest transformation historical past on the planet is from Industrial Age to.

Recordsdata Age I'm doing effectively because I made the transition I'm making extra cash than ever earlier than I truly beget concerns nonetheless I'm getting cash extra cash by no formula earlier than nonetheless within the occasion that it’s doubtless you’ll even beget got it within the occasion you're shedding money estimable now the scenario starts and what that it’s doubtless you’ll well be taught in faculty because I by no formula touch the relaxation about money by no formula touched about a monetary.

Assertion cherish my rich dad did they educate you that diploma is every part it's a allotment of loo paper BS and likewise you rob into that mechanism of cash and likewise you observed that that’s the finest ingredient to focal level on and what you're announcing estimable now with these stimulus programs is all of this money being given quote unquote Away by the authorities to all americans is.

With out a doubt devaluing your buck is devaluing your pension it's devaluing your financial savings and it's wiping out agencies so that you just're dying by this sword right here’s how what Fuller talked relating to the jail is internal our head Buckman Sephora it starts with misinformation and stride over orientation this files is orientation and he says how dare our.

Colleges punish younger folk for making errors how else develop you learn within the occasion you don't arrangement a mistake and learn out of your mistake he says God designed us I'm no longer going to religious I'm no longer preaching you're okay God designed us to learn by making errors as an illustration a baby learns to stroll by falling down presumably it learns you already know to trip a bicycle by falling off.

The bicycle you already know Tiger Woods the ultimate golfer ever in historical past of the enviornment because he made more errors than you and I did nonetheless our faculty is presumably making errors 2008 it turn out to be you already know those credit ranking default swazils for residential right property so they bailed them out this subsequent crash is for the hedge funds and personal.

Equity that invested all this industrial right property so I truly beget one other 100 million buck project coming up I estimable bought bailed out I estimable bought backed up by the fed and the authorities so that's why it's socialism for the rich unfortunately this capitalism for the unhappy runt class folk who work for money you're to your possess.

Appropriate you already know within the occasion you’re going to have to beget a tiny restaurant and likewise you gotta let stride your employees you're no diversified than your employees estimable now the nationwide debt for World Battle II turn out to be 25 billion daily this day they're printing 125 billion on each day foundation that's cherish 5 world war II's per day they're printing plenty money to protect this e book mediate of a scorching.

Air balloon with a trudge in it and so they're doing desperately making an are attempting to repair this trudge no matter how laborious they are attempting to tears gone past is coming down so in monetary phrases it's called our debt to deep GDP has now gone from 60 to 90 to 105 is going to 120. we're bankrupt and so they're going to print more and extra cash which formula Savers are losers estimable.

As I predicted the money is going to be nugatory in a pair of years so my message is that right here’s metamorphosis kind Monetary education is truly Monetary transformation and the definition of metamorphosis is terribly important metamorphosis the definition is the evolution or the transformation from an immature uncover to an grownup efficiency.

An immature uncover to an grownup uncover metamorphosis is the identical as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and put collectively repeatedly acknowledged there's nothing to foretell a butterfly internal a counter automobile so all americans lists that estimable now within the occasion you're struggling financially estimable mediate of yourself as rather of caterpillar and this disaster is your cocoon the query.

Is what develop you emerge as you emerge as a sufferer you already know the enviornment did that to me and the capitalists are crook the rich are bastards and all these items what develop you dispute oh right here’s basically the most easy ingredient that ever took place the selections between your head your coronary heart your physique your mind your spirit that's the bring collectively the replacement the metamorphosis the.

Evolution or the transformation from an immature uncover and mommy daddy gonna make a selection care of him I mean Daddy bought paid from education the authorities's going to give you Social Security at 401Ample you already know my employer is an you already know evolved from that into an grownup that's no longer consciousness it does sound cherish rather of runt one you within the occasion you develop up mentally.

Emotionally spiritually physically financially and effectively being-wise voila right here’s basically the most easy ingredient that took place to me nonetheless within the occasion you're restful a sufferer you're no longer going to arrangement the metamorphosis begins must you look within the judge and it's estimable cherish when I turn out to be going to blow this runt boy's head off in Vietnam I acknowledged why am I doing this why am I.

Going to abolish this runt 10 year extinct boy now he turn out to be a Vietcong I mean I turn out to be justified by the guidelines of engagement to shoot him nonetheless in the end valid now why am I doing this and within the occasion you're initiating from the judge this day you already know with this coronavirus and looming despair how develop they uncover right here is the query what don't I do know.

What did my files education cultural background what did no longer put collectively me for this day that's the bring collectively the transformation of the metamorphosis began you resolve responsibility you already know all americans talks about rights nonetheless now we beget personal tasks too and unfortunately our University Programs beget failed us miserably and the reason.

For that’s every Professor wants tenure as my total household that turn out to be important ingredient about getting a job turn out to be tenure job security for lifestyles and that's what they educate younger folk without understanding it they educate younger folk that lifestyles is harmful and or no longer it’s a ways important to beget be protected so they're immature College professors are some most immature they may be able to also be very.

Dapper mentally nonetheless immature financially they may be able to't make a selection care of themselves so they're teaching younger folk to be victims and that's why they trigger mechanisms and likewise that it’s doubtless you’ll also't dispute phrases which would possibly be hurtful and all these items so they're teaching that you just're a sufferer You're vulnerable and what you educate and what I educate is that howdy right here’s don't be a sufferer be.

Proactive um are you able to estimable talk about me via within the occasion you quiz the classes and indicate uncover of what's going on because I restful mediate it's important so that you just can stroll us via some Fundamentals Robert and whether or no longer that's right property or oil or gold and silver which you name God's money and presumably that it’s doubtless you’ll also give us all estimable a brief.

Education on uncover of a pair of of that stuff and I additionally heard you talking about one thing called the US crypto buck I don't know presumably that it’s doubtless you’ll also Account for a pair of of those things for us estimable now uh gold and silver had been right here the bring collectively the earth turn out to be formed you already know what I mean it'll be right here lengthy after we're gone it's God's money God made it then you already know in our.

Language it's called counterparting chance there's no counterparty chance your counterparty is God that's moderately gorgeous that's cherish a co-signer as a God you already know I mean the banks will reduction you up who's your who's your uh co-center Jesus Buddha Muhammad you already know okay we'll give you the money so gold has that now gold goes up and down since the gold market.

Is manipulate you already know the Futures Market the ETF markets at GLD SLV after which physical goal so the ingredient I mediate is interesting is the label of gold goes down nonetheless that it’s doubtless you’ll also't rob any gold on the physical market so the Futures markets coming down the GLD costs come within the paper markets coming down nonetheless physical that it’s doubtless you’ll also't uncover the relaxation on it why estimable.

Thanks to Prosperous hoarding it the Richer hoarding gold and silver cherish bog paper and guns the unhappy steel class are called into monetary planner the monetary planners voice them to cease in it for the lengthy interval of time and meanwhile the rich are getting out wake up is my message

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