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Certain he's long gone I do know this is sexy but I discovered something the old day on Fox knowledge that modified into so disgusting and vitriolic that I factual had to come here and rant about it my name is Brittany page and I'm filling in for Jesse dalamore as he continues his recovery from colon most cancers surgical design he's doing excellent he's more.

Cell he's managing his hassle and he desires to be abet very soon I desire to discuss about an thought that I occupy for sexy Jesse giving him a reward and helping him accumulate over 400 000 subscribers sooner than his return what enact you specialize in can you aid can you share the Channel with someone you recognize can you share this video with someone that you just recognize enact we aid Jesse.

Accumulate over 400 000 subscribers so that he has a fine shock upon his return to the channel his triumphant return and must you're watching this true now and you're no longer subscribed hit that subscribe button make optimistic that you just're subscribed so let's accumulate to this the Five on Fox knowledge a narrate that is hosted by a bunch of ghouls some of them Jesse Waters Greg Gutfeld.

And so they've been focusing a form of their hatred and vitriol objective nowadays on the homeless on the unhoused on of us that battle with housing instability I notify in step with these Fox News hosts this is a demographic that has factual had it too factual for too long so peep this where they discuss a pair of story that is poorly sourced a pair of washing machine.

End to an encampment in Los Angeles on to the topic homeless encampments in Liberal Los Angeles occupy a unusual amenity working washing machine yes it's true vagrants are developing outsized tents and boasting about how they are able to hold water and electrical energy from the metropolis in show to energy their occupy Avenue Laundry Service.

Um the jam in modified into it Los Angeles or no longer it is significant to let of us hit rock bottom because then they leap abet up Democrats desire to label rock bottom delighted yeah discontinue at Rock Bottom you recognize build a washer dryer build a wine fridge in there yeah enact whatever or no longer it is significant to unfolded spread your self out that's the jam you're without a doubt.

Hurting of us by letting them fester and squalor don't take a seat there and allow them to enact this to you because you're no longer allowed to sleep on public property and you're no longer allowed to sleep on private property so accumulate them the hell out of there one of many mammoth complications with the regulations in these forms of places judges that they permit tents and Tents potential more.

Eternal customarily you're customarily going to take a seat down there so there's plenty in there that I desire to accumulate to a form of disgusting trash that I desire to discuss about the first thing is that they're saying boasting about stealing electrical energy and water there's no proof of this the sourcing that I will fetch on this memoir is from The Day to day Mail and from Fox News.

So crimson flag the total formula and in these articles they reference a tick tock video that modified into filmed by someone and photos that had been taken and then posted on Twitter of the encampment in the washing machine so that you just narrate me how doubtless enact you specialize in it is that the person that filmed that Tick Tock from all the map by the road and took photography from.

Throughout the road How doubtless it is that they went and had a dialog with the human beings residing in that tent and uh got the pudgy memoir no longer doubtless and the Day to day Mail refers to the tent with the washing machine as lavish a lavish map of life in step with the Day to day Mail.

Right here is disgusting and Jesse Waters persevered his disgusting tirade must you heard him suppose Democrats desire to label rock bottom delighted build in a washer a dryer and a wine fridge as despite the truth that a wine fridge and a washer are the identical thing a washer is a necessity or no longer it is significant to occupy beautiful attire these are the identical of us that suppose hey why don't you exit.

And accumulate a job successfully you recognize what or no longer it is significant to enact at an interview for a job Jesse or no longer it is significant to look presentable or no longer it is significant to occupy beautiful attire so I believe you desires to be at the tip of the checklist by formula of of us which could be celebrating of us that battle with housing instability having accumulate entry to to a washer no additionally he says that the Democrats.

Are doing this he ties this to Democrats there's no proof that Democrats build a washing machine there but I wish they’d I wish they’d enact plenty more we'll accumulate to that we'll accumulate to that in a second Jesse Waters he goes on to snort you're hurting of us by letting them fester and squalor you're no longer allowed to sleep on public property and you're no longer.

Allowed to sleep on private property you're hurting of us by letting them are residing in squalor I agree Jesse that's something that we agree on uh what are you going to enact about it enact which you would possibly maybe even occupy a conception successfully interestingly a pair of weeks previously he did occupy a conception this modified into his conception you are going to be ready to't motive with the unreasonable give them what they desire but no longer in the.

City the metropolis permits us to happen switch it out onto Authorities property and allow them to inch it camp Camp away give them the autonomy to without a doubt inch their lives into the bottom injure one another don't injure us anymore that's what that's the finest thing you are going to be ready to enact because it will't accumulate any worse than it is now you buy to switch them to a region where they are able to are residing.

Their lives so federally funded opium dens where the homeless continuous volunteer as mayor I shall be mayor of opium town so his conception is loss of life his conception is letting them extinguish one another don't you want being attentive to these millionaires remark to themselves while mocking of us which could be residing in the streets and residing in poverty they're paid millions of.

Bucks to present this astute political evaluation the identical political evaluation that I would hear in bask in my excessive college government class abet in Idaho where the teens would parrot talking functions from their Republican fogeys that's what interestingly gets you you millions of bucks on Fox News so there's there's a form of things here and I desire to try to.

Accumulate to as considerable as that you just are going to be ready to think of so I occupy notes and I could even occupy a rage rash appearing on my neck as I enlighten and enact this because I'm raging so I fetch this disgusting on a gargantuan replacement of levels both professionally and for my share for my share being that I'm a certified therapist and I occupy worked with underserved communities of us that battle with.

Housing instability of us which occupy substance exercise issues of us which occupy severe psychological diseases and it is disgusting to hear the human beings that I occupy worked with for years and handled professionally be talked about in this style and it factual proves the disconnect that folk bask in Jesse Waters occupy from the categorical world it's additionally for my share.

Disgusting because I grew up uncomfortable I I modified into never homeless but I come from two fogeys who never graduated excessive college my dad got his GED in penal advanced the identical year that I I graduated excessive college we had been on food stamps single fogeys you recognize that that complete thing and we are all of us nearer to residing on the road than we are to changing into Elon Musk and.

That's factual a fact and we're bought this lie that no topic where you're born into what form of jam you're born into that you just are going to be ready to become an Elon Musk in this country by no longer easy work by myself must which you would possibly maybe also occupy the desire there's a potential and must you don't conclude up reaching that must you battle in poverty you're made to feel responsible bask in it's your fault but all of.

This comes down to a uncomfortable social security decide up uncomfortable public policy uh lack of sources lack of wealth lack of effective fortune and as another of Jesse Waters the usage of his platform to focal level on these items to focal level on Solutions he chooses to be hateful as another and listen Jesse I mean you don't desire to gaze on Home of us suffering in the road I mean I don't.

Be taught about the suffering share but let's suppose you don't desire to gaze unhoused of us in the road neither enact I that's why I give a enhance to housing first policies Money Support early childhood training Standard long-established earnings settle a factual public policy and gives a enhance to it that's how these items accumulate solved no longer by hate vitriol and wishing that.

Of us could be dumb listen you don't desire to gaze of us maybe overdosing on a sidewalk in the road in entrance of your teenagers neither enact I that's why I give a enhance to supervised injection sites free naloxone drug checking out fentanyl take a look at strips all of these items that you just don't give a enhance to and listen even Democrats tumble into the.

Strap of thinking that folk are unhoused because they desire to be and there's a distinction between someone saying you recognize I modified into assaulted in a safe haven and that's why I desire to be out here on the road because I occupy more retain an eye fixed on over my jam here than I enact in the safe haven there's a distinction between that and someone saying I desire.

To be homeless and oftentimes you hear these of us suppose successfully I talked to someone one time oh you did you discuss over with one person one time and then you definately generalize that one memoir that you just heard from one person and maybe a happenstance meeting that lasted a maximum 30 seconds and you're going to generalize that to the total inhabitants of house homeless.

Of us in this country appears to be like rational here's what I would suppose to Jesse Waters and to of us bask in Jesse Waters I’m hoping that you just fetch your empathy sooner than your tragedy and by that I mean I’m hoping that you just're ready to fetch your compassion and be taught to care about human beings sooner than you fetch your self in a jam where you.

Need compassion and it is no longer given to you you recognize in region of wondering how victims of poverty occupy failed themselves I'm offended that we are residing in a country that fails victims of poverty and I’m hoping that more of us fetch their compassion and gives a enhance to policies that.

Toughen our social security decide up because that's what now we occupy got to enact to present a enhance to everyone's lives everyone will use pleasure in that we are in a position to be a safer and more fit Society if that's what we focal level on making improvements to the social security decide up and no longer being hateful what enact you specialize in I'd adore to understand name.

Us leave us a voicemail 714-576-4054 or you are going to be ready to e-mail us at you are going to be ready to additionally give a enhance to the work that we enact by changing into a channel member click on the button join beneath for as cramped as two bucks a month you are going to be ready to present a enhance to the efforts that Jesse and I occupy here on this channel immediate for me while I'm filling in and going.

Forward for Jesse when he comes abet my scream is initiating to head we're going to retain it going despite the truth that you just are going to be ready to additionally give a enhance to us on I doubtit podcast I delight in you being here with me I delight in the total give a enhance to that which you would possibly maybe also occupy proven me while I'm filling in for Jesse on this channel it has been a form of fun.

It has been a form of apply it has been a form of improve for me for my share so I delight in the give a enhance to while I enact that as Jesse would suppose be righteous and use care of 1 another

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