I know as consistently it’s some distance Slice here lend a hand alongside with your each day crypto info and Evaluation and lately we're going to be talking about Casper Community AKA Casper the Kindly Ghost so let's impartial dive in and let's take a step lend a hand to October 13th where Casper posted this video over on their Twitter page and it’s some distance the developer uh Recommend at Casper Labs.

Talking with the director of comms about Casper's most disruptive operate and it’s some distance talking about enabling great modern ways for Song Arts and psychological property rights enterprise so listen carefully blockchain technology in frequent is intensely disruptive what would you allege is basically the most disruptive section of the.

Casper blockchain basically the most disruptive is the the operate that now we have it permits multi signatures on chain that is something I haven't considered implemented on a layer one but so we’re able to have a collective participation on the blockchain and it's secured by the layer one protocol so one use case that I'm really pondering about.

Is property rights IP within the music enterprise and within the Arts supporting the artists and having the ability to give them the correct fragment depending on their contracts the series of desirable contracts on chain can procure obvious they rep their share now we have considered and I really have considered many reviews where the principle artist doesn’t rep nearly anything else of the.

Income so these desirable contracts after they’re constructed they’ll be sure the true execution and I've consistently said via uh you know creators within the music and the Arts space the greatest declare correct now that plagues the used systems is giving lend a hand energy to those creators a.

Lot of them have issues generating Income because direct platforms and I will argue even loads of the centralized platforms available as smartly that are mute paying very correct to most creators or I must mute allege now not now not up to a desirable majority of them uh the anguish is that they're mute taking a really desirable proportion of the revenues that are.

Coming in uh Spotify is admittedly a really correct platform to use for instance because loads of the artists are getting extremely uh screwed via the proportion that they are being paid and that's why I pause think that loads of the the extensive markets that are being disrupted via these music Industries these are fancy artistic.

Industries as smartly basically the most attention-grabbing thing about blockchain coming into into these Industries is giving lend a hand energy to those creators taking into account loads more replacement as smartly and I reflect that that's pleasant that Casper is focused on that space and additionally we pause witness over here from Martin um heisbowick uh posting over on Twitter.

Again about buyer Community solid and competent engineering efforts within Casper are most indispensable because the blockchain space continues to conform all but again listening carefully to that is ready two minutes long and then we’re executed with movies and I I'm going to strictly search recommendation from you guys somewhat bit about things going down spherical uh crypto hi there.

My title is Tag greenslade I'm head of review and development the Casper Community and I'm here lately to talk to Joe about that you’d believe futures of the client Community Tag thanks for joining us lately uh to focus on Casper and where we're headed as head of review and development what excites you basically the most about where Casper.

Is headed before the total lot that is a fledgling Community so it's mute rather modern but it indubitably's being engineered by a really solid and assured engineering crew and led very ably by director of engineering Who's Got Deep journey and has confirmed loads of management below rigidity what this affords me as any person that's.

Working at the form of bleeding edge of review and development is confidence that that is a crew that can really deliver solutions to subtle complications because it's a extremely competitive panorama the blockchain space is evolving the total time and the Casper community has to.

Each and each have interaction up and cease prior to the recreation it needs solid engineering management to procure that happen and that's really one of my greatest conference I really have in this challenge this management is in station so that as we bring to the crew modern complications presumably more subtle complications that have already been solved that there's going to be a sturdy engineering.

Efforts to procure these modern Ideas a actuality and that's absolutely necessary for this community if it's going to to conform in a a fashion that it must attain its doable international thing that I consistently really form of put into perspective spherical Casper is solely how some distance prior to the recreation they’re.

On yarn of I reflect that they took into accountability the total lot that each and each other valuable layer one blockchain within the distance is missing um and I reflect that they really wanted to be entirely various of their very cling potential to disrupting now not most attention-grabbing you know each and each single valuable enterprise available all around the art space the music enterprise.

The Venture grade space fancy each and each single fragment of you know the discussions spherical Casper that I've had on this channel is solely searching for to build a highlight on what makes Casper so various um in going after the identical industries that we pause witness on most layer ones uh the extensive distinction is the technology unhurried.

Casper uh the efforts unhurried the scenes spherical engineering rising and truly form of impartial building Casper into the community of option for loads of valuable industries as smartly as entities all around the Venture grade sector the retail sector And many others and uh talking about that um specifically all around the Venture grade space we pause witness over here I.

Realized that neither on the development facet nor the product facet became once a blockchain company or protocol that became once really taking care of the needs of Venture that's what led me to chanced on Casper labs and all but again after we really form of glimpse at what happens spherical Casper it's really impartial centered on the Venture grade sector because it’s some distance a.

Vast space to focal point on and it’s some distance an space that is ripe for disruption because loads of the you know the principle corporations the networks the initiatives that are being constructed all around the Venture grade space lack loads of the offerings that these Enterprises pause want and for this reason I glimpse at loads of the things that are centered on from Casper facet engineering.

Wise but additionally even developer-wise and we pause witness Casper has true scalability Casper is unassuming to use it's most attention-grabbing for Enterprises has a low and predictable tag and is future proof and cry out to if truth be told the chain media for this and then we pause witness down here being posted we pause witness a when put next person of Casper to hedera algrand ethereum tezos.

Cosmos and polka dots you’d positively witness the total lot going down spherical Casper via developer-wise decentralization wise some more contracts all that form of stuff I will allege this we've we've consistently put a highlight point on upgradable Natty contracts is because that is an gigantic Focal point uh it permits them to thoroughly be you know future.

Proof I I pause think that Casper is unquestionably the kind of initiatives that might per chance be spherical for the following 5 10 15 even 20 plus years and that's why I really had been you know now not most attention-grabbing having a wager gigantic on Casper but I additionally think that long term Casper is really going to shine basically the most attention-grabbing among loads of the principle layer ones available now’s it better than hedera is it better than.

This token I don't really care about that I don't really care about placing into comparison okay smartly how correct is Casper when when put next with hedera or this that no topic um to me I consistently gauge this okay I consistently various myself in these layer ones that I earn technology traits when when put next with most.

Um the article that makes hedera so enormous is the is it security I consistently allege it abft is big um I additionally indulge in their scalability uh but Casper has its cling benefits as smartly all these valuable initiatives are enormous to take care of close in a various device because they’re now not most attention-grabbing going after thoroughly different Enviornment of interest audiences and industries and things fancy that but they.

Moreover have their very cling better hand serve over the over each and each other um and I reflect that that's what makes this space so enormous is since you might per chance additionally have a thoroughly different viewpoint on each and each device that you glimpse at it and in my glimpse Casper is intensely various in its engineering offerings and it's developer offerings and impartial technology offerings as smartly.

What pause you witness over here as smartly from ipv so we've been talking about ipv for somewhat little bit of time and we pause witness our Commerce Leaders mute have limited knowledge of Ip despite 84 of the Assets within the S P 500 being intangibles in 2018. our mission at ipv is to Leverage The Vitality of AI and blockchain Tech to produce businesses with trans obvious.

Verifiable solutions about their intangible property and here you guys have the asset make-up you witness tangible and intangible 84 of s p 500's property are intangibles and that’s crazy to really glimpse at and by the formulation ipwe has been a spokesperson uh for now not most attention-grabbing exhibiting us the strategies and the aptitude spherical their uh challenge.

Choices from Casper if truth be told being constructed out on Casper but they also've been really a huge title leader in exhibiting us where they’re headed and what their mission assertion is indubitably we pause witness down here that corporations didn’t commercialize 90 of the tech they procure dropping Millions each and each year Commerce Leaders can now witness the corpulent.

Likely of their IP uh via the desirable intangible asset management platforms blockchain backed accuracy and effectivity which is pleasant to perceive and all but again fancy they’re centered out on the Venture grade sector uh they’ve connections to Fortune 500 plus Giants and I really pause reflect that ipv goes to be a large big title player spherical Casper I.

Think that this goes to be a large use case and I reflect that each person must mute positively be taking note of it and uh additionally talking somewhat bit more about that we pause witness over here we’re taking obviously off-chain Financial property and we put them within the procure of Natty Financial contracts on chain so you'll have a straight away steadiness sheet in advance.

Staunch time that is if truth be told from Casper Community and I reflect that that is big um I've considered about a quoted tweets earlier spherical this I didn't know if there became once any uh breakdown on this but I reflect that that is pleasant and by the formulation that is that strategies um conference with coindesk I reflect that loads of the stuff that we’re seeing.

From there might per chance be uh is big insights on where we’re really form of centered on and where we’re headed to we even have the uh first valuable quote that I impartial talked to you guys about labeled here um but there's a large Perception on loads of things going down spherical crypto at this conference I reflect that must you guys did desire to read more about.

Circumference you guys must mute positively rush pause so impartial because there's been loads of information uh that has attain from this conference and it's now not impartial Casper there's many other players there as smartly but it indubitably's enormous to really form of witness these conferences form of Bloom into uh something particular and additionally over here from Casper Labs because the nft market.

Continues to conform it's become determined that that is ready loads more than digital our businesses are realizing enormous tag from this emerging technology and all but again I reflect that their Venture grade nft not unique that they currently impartial uh launched I reflect that that's going to empower loads of Venture grade use case ability out on.

The nft market within Casper and I reflect that that's going to empower these Enterprises somewhat bit more for this reason I allege fancy whenever you glimpse at what Casper goes after it's a appreciable use case and indubitably talking more so about nfts we pause witness over here whereas the hype supplied the arena to nfts this can also be the utility that determines the.

Future of non-fungible tokens so whenever you mix the nft heart that they currently launched and you glimpse at the upgradable Natty contracts out on Casper as smartly they’re literally The Apt Storm for Venture grade adoption um within the crypto world I reflect that that is pleasant to perceive I reflect that this.

Must mute solidify um each person's opinion on where Casper is headed I consistently said Casper is a high 10 token in my glimpse it’s some distance a high 10 token I reflect that we’re on the poke to the waste 10 as we talk and I reflect that's most attention-grabbing a topic of time sooner than the rate proposition unhurried Casper and Casper is a token is really realized so with that.

Being said I hope that you guys enjoyed this must you guys positively leave a fancy subscribe to notifications on must you guys more free tell material you guys are more than welcome to use me on Twitter and join the free Discord description below as consistently hope that you all have a beautiful day sooner than you guys dart this sooner than this been Slice peace out guys.

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