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International yo what's up guys Mike red fox in this video we're going to position up a flux node let's accumulate rolling lovely now so I'm in my computer right here I no doubt enjoy zelcor starting up it's what I take advantage of to assign a lot of my cryptocurrencies and uh I'm gonna trudge via getting this verbalize assign up it'll.

Be my second node that'll stand up and working so one thing I enjoy to scheme is Host this node uh at a VPS digital internal most server uh ensuing from I don't enjoy the necessary uh bandwidth uh or required hardware to bustle this at my dwelling so if you accumulate all these bigger tier nodes you're going to enjoy to bustle them on a VPS.

Um so I'm over on that's the assign I no doubt enjoy my other node hosted lovely now I'm no longer associated with them nonetheless must you're from host nodes staring at this hit me up um so I'm gonna scheme a nimbus node so I'm going to hit deploy you will most likely be ready to gape I no doubt enjoy some slots accessible and what I'm going.

To scheme is a 182 date deliberate for now to half a three hundred and sixty five days so I no doubt enjoy to send some flux over to construct this node uh so I'm going to scheme that in a second the very first thing I enjoy to scheme is send my staunch transaction for the necessary collateral which is 12 500 flux over to my nodes wallet right here so what I'm going to scheme is approach over to my.

Flux that I no doubt enjoy right here and I'm going to send that required flux over to my node wallet I no doubt enjoy one other node working in there nonetheless you will most likely be ready to enjoy extra than one nodes within the same wallet and no doubt it's possibly better to scheme that for in case you're claiming parallel resources and all that stuff nonetheless or no longer it’s going to be necessary to send the staunch amount after which zelcor will most likely be.

Exquisite ample to know which which you can enjoy a node accessible so I'm going to send that twelve thousand 5 hundred and the assign I'm going to send that is over to my nodes wallet and I'm going to make certain I no doubt enjoy that collateral lovely flux dashboard Right here There It Is Nimbus 12 500 flux so I'm doing the lovely thing sending that amount over to.

Uh the wallet I hang which is named nodes and I'm just going to accumulate that a like a flash transaction so we are able to accumulate that going I'm going to hit send lovely now came to visit my node's wallet now and I will gape that transaction just came via lovely right here and what I'm going to scheme now is head over to the app section of Zell core and.

Crawl over to flux nodes and you’re going to also be ready to gape my most up-to-date working node lovely there confirmed already that's after I've been working for a while after which since zelcor principles it automatically noticed that collateral approach in and assign me a nimbus node lovely right here so the object I scheme enjoy to aid for and we'll enjoy to quit the flicks I enjoy to aid for a hundred.

Confirmations to approach via earlier than we are able to continue to the getting this node began nonetheless meanwhile what I will scheme is send the collateral wanted over to host nodes online in uncover to pay for web hosting so let's scheme that lovely now I'm going to return over to my funds for flux and I enjoy to send a cost and I'm.

Going to send it over to this address that flux uh that hostnose has provided so I'm going to stick that in to the assign I enjoy to send it after which I'm going to send this staunch amount 202.442 flux so I'm going to copy that over and I'm going to send that lovely into right here which finishes up being.

163.47 US bucks I enjoy to accumulate that a like a flash transaction double check I no doubt enjoy all the pieces lovely I no doubt enjoy the address lovely just checking the Starting characters checking the N characters and that address make certain I obtained my Mount lovely 202.442 flux and I'm going to send that over for my fresh Nimbus node that's going.

To be hosted there so I'm going to hit send lovely now over on host nodes and you’re going to also be ready to gape my cost is pending so it's gonna preserve up for that to refresh and lock in cost has long undergone so abet over on host nodes you will most likely be ready to gape my fresh Nimbus node is beautiful right here I'm going to hit starting up on the assign and it's asking me to hang out some recordsdata which.

I'm going with a thought to accumulate from Zell course so the very first thing I need is the identity key so if I approach over to my flux node right here I will hit edit on that fresh Nimbus node and I will grab the identity key and copy paste that in collateral transaction ID and scheme the same thing paste that lovely in insert output index is zero and I.

Have to chase receive my Zella ID so I'm going to extinguish out of this chase over to apps chase over to Zell ID after which I will copy my cell ID to the clipboard and paste that lovely in right here I'm also going to switch accumulate my KD address that I'm going to use as well so I'm going to approach into zelcor chase to funds chase over to Cadena.

And then I'm going to copy that address and the procedure am I going to scheme that receive depend copy that in and I'm going to stick that address lovely in right here so ok hit starting up node all lovely so I no doubt enjoy my node up on the dashboard you will most likely be ready to gape it past the benchmarks there are any other steps we now enjoy to bewitch so I'm.

Going to scheme that lovely now all lovely node is on the dashboard now uh you gape it circulation benchmarks nonetheless I enjoy to scheme a couple extra steps in zelcore so if I return over there and I head abet over to apps flux nodes over to my Nimbus node I'm going to hit edit again I enjoy to present this thing a title it's going to call it Nimbus preserve it effective and simple.

Easiest enjoy one in every of them so I'm going to form that in after which I enjoy to accumulate the IP address from host notes which I'm going to scheme if I click on on Nimbus right here I'm going to copy within the IP address discontinuance that out paste that lovely into Zell core hit assign and now what I enjoy to scheme is wait ensuing from I enjoy to accumulate to the 100.

Affirmation so when I accumulate to there I'll be abet all lovely affirmation is 114 so now I no doubt enjoy this button to hit starting up so let me chase forward and starting up this Nimbus node you're about to starting up a flux node please Plus Storage position is working well and that’s passing benchmarks it is we noticed that abet over on host nodes.

Benchmarks enjoy handed assign is online and it's linked to the flux Community so all we obtained to scheme lovely now is hit that starting up button and let's chase foreign flux node Nimbus changed into as soon as sent efficiently it’s going to bewitch one block to be mined for your flux node assign to commerce began and one two ten blocks about 20.

Minutes you obtained confirmed to substantiate is the final assign so we'll check abet in a dinky bit of bit after we accumulate to confirmed after which I'll discuss flux nodes from there after about 10 minutes node assign commerce to substantiate for my fresh Nimbus node you will most likely be ready to gape that lovely there in Zell core and as I am going over to host nodes you will most likely be ready to gape assign also changed to confirmed.

Right here took about 30 seconds later it's also going to be some additional recordsdata treasure when my subsequent reward is going to be that's when on the next payout from flux is going to hit my wallet if I am going over to the flux OS dashboard we'll accumulate a sense of what I'll be making on Nimbus so as it all averages out per day which might perhaps well perhaps be.

About 3.02 flux after which what I'm going to gape at is monthly about 92 flux after which 64 flux tokens that are uh parallel resources which no doubt flux that you’re going to be ready to order from aspect chains on other networks so I'm going to depend that as flux as well so with the tag of flux lovely now as I'm making this video 81 cents I'll be taking dwelling about.

102 26 bucks and must you keep in mind I had to pay what changed into as soon as a dinky bit of over 200 flux for uh web hosting on the VPS that skill with this amount that'll be taken dwelling say 150 flux in under two months I'll enjoy you ever realize broken even or roi'd on the VPS and all the pieces after that so a dinky bit of over let's say four and a half months is.

Going to be all earnings that I'm taking in working this node and so this Nimbus node is going to be part of the stratus node I already enjoy working and I'll just be persevering with to amass flux as time goes on now the one thing that is de facto thrilling to me is as I continue to amass flux getting paid out from working both of these nodes and of.

Direction you will most likely be ready to also mine flux if it's superior for you it's tricky lovely now ensuing from profits are procedure down real via the board nonetheless as you score extra flux from nodes or from mining you will most likely be ready to bewitch that flux and assign it to work in working one other node so a cumulus node is one other tier of node that they’ve alongside with any other ones which will most likely be even.

Smaller collateral that you wish and just for instance right here cumulus is a thousand flux and I'll be ready to bustle that so even after possibly just a few months of Stratus rewards and rewards I will stand up at cumulus node and enjoy that bringing in rewards too and treasure the aim right here in particular at some stage in these times of low profitability possibly undergo Market.

Whatever you might perhaps well perhaps possibly like to use nonetheless the aim is to easily score as powerful coin as you will most likely be ready to in this case as powerful flux as I will so as that after the time comes fingers crossed and the costs of all these cryptocurrencies chase up um I'll be sitting in a no doubt huge position so right here is one procedure that I'm persevering with to scheme that.

By working nodes on the flux Community huge fan of the mission enjoy mined it since February 2018 uh no doubt grateful for that nonetheless hope this video gave you some perception into working a flux node must you is more likely to be working one must which you can enjoy mined it I'd preserve to listen to from you down within the comment section under please let me know what tier node you're working what playing cards.

Attain which you can enjoy mining flux why scheme you treasure flux flux flux anyway hope you guys enjoyed the video treasure button must you possibly did sub to the channel for extra say on cryptocurrency at this level since mining is what it is um Discord social media hyperlinks down in description under and continually bewitch care of your self and every other gape you in.

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