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thanks factual morning everybody Welcome to vlogmas it’s miles what is on the present time on the present time is Tuesday um November 29th I factor in um so now we bear a large day deliberate as you’ll want to presumably thought I'm no longer mounted up I haven't even brushed my hair from getting up I got up.

At 5 maybe six o'clock and um so we've been up a whereas but I haven't done anything else moreover dress on legend of we're going to the farm we get chicks on the present time so that's extra or much less a prolonged day and additionally they're no longer coming till 10 30. so uh Bryant has gone to preserve up our worker and um.

And then he's gonna approach back and get us Judas after I command us you factual spent the night with us closing night and I withhold him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that's why you thought him a small extra is on legend of I withhold him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and um so Judah he'll approach back and get me a.

Judah and we'll inch to the farm and reckoning on what time it’s miles after we approach back and we could also fit to the food market if no longer I'll inch tonight I quiet bear a dishes are dapper from closing night I factual got to position them up throw some trash away and construct loading the dishwasher um Brian Bryant in actuality did the dishes.

For me closing night and he washed all of them by hand and the dishwasher used to be empty so I was delight in ample successfully so um there's some pots and stuff which bear to inch in the dishwasher so anyway it’s miles an appealing the solar is shining gloriously outside it’s miles undoubtedly beautiful it's about 35 levels so it's.

A piece of of frigid um I imply it gets a lot much less warm but it undoubtedly that is going to be frigid after I scamper out I'll bear to get a jacket but I wear I don't wear delight in a sweatshirt what is that on me there's nothing on me um I don't wear a sweatshirt or anything else delight in that.

I wear um when the chicks approach on legend of within the rooster homes it's 90 some levels so it's undoubtedly undoubtedly warm in there for the small chicks um so I get hot in there and um so I'll wear a jacket over there but anyway and I'm no longer even gonna direct you what level it’s miles Celsius on legend of Google immediate me corrupt on legend of any individual immediate me.

It used to be no longer what I acknowledged and so I develop no longer bear any clue what it’s miles Celsius I'm gonna get me this type of thermometers that tells me each um but um yeah I don't know on legend of I was Google used to be corrupt yesterday.

So um anyway let's head over to the rooster homes and uh it's a rapidly-paced day um what happens is the chicks approach in on a heated tractor-trailer truck and um they approach in these small sq..

Crates and a forklift gets a pallet of all these stacked Square crates and additionally they elevate them in and additionally they let them out and additionally they return out get one other load approach in each dwelling takes two loads of you understand palette fleshy of um chicks so uh it's rapidly paced I imply sharp sharp sharp and deem now we bear to.

Raise the curtains for the forklift to get in after which put the curtains backtrack put the fences up so the chicks don't get past the dwelling they're supposed to get to to be in so it's very rapidly paced so um as soon as we get over there it you almost undoubtedly gained't hear mighty from me till we're done.

So anyway um Bryant the closing time we got chicks uh he used to be um they call it dumping Birds but that's ought to you're you're allowing them to out of the crates um he used to be in actuality on this aspect it used to be no longer his same old aspect and he injured his elbow.

Indubitably disagreeable and it has given him a fit it's been delight in eight weeks doubtlessly longer than that allow's thought seven eight nine ten it's doubtlessly been 12 weeks and it’s miles quiet hurting him steadily in the video for people that thought him wearing a brace round this fragment of his arm it's on legend of of his elbow they acknowledged it if it puts stress on this tendon.

Obedient-attempting here it helps the elbow so or muscle um so that they are so for people that thought a brace on this fragment of his arm that's what it sports activities for is elbow and that's when he heard it used to be the closing time we got chicks so um that's our worker is maybe going to be taught to.

Let out the chicks on the present time so yeah it's a it's gonna be a wild and crazy day tonight now we bear a a church tournament we discontinue as soon as a month we discontinue what we call Grub membership and that's where we all exit to utilize together and it's that's what it’s miles you understand anybody that wishes to approach back we reserve a room at a restaurant and anybody needs to approach back.

Approach and utilize and likewise you're you it's dutch and um so on the present time we're going to a pizza space tonight and we're gonna factual revel in Church Fellowship time that's what it's for is to construct fellowships so anyway I withhold taking a inch hunting but it undoubtedly's on legend of I don't bear my glasses on so I undoubtedly can't thought what I'm attempting at on the.

Digicam but anyway all factual so let's inch web our contemporary chicks and welcome them here to the farm ample everybody forgive the TV it's on but um I'm factual sitting here making my grocery list um in accordance with the treats I must repair over the following small bit I mediate I even bear.

The entirety for the most fragment here for suppers and stuff for the following few days um on legend of tonight we're eating out and um so I I feel delight in I even bear ample here for these for the following few days anyway but I need stuff to beginning out making treats plus I've got that candy collaboration rising so I was in actuality going to position.

That video interior my vlogmas video but I mediate on December 5th you’ll want to presumably glance two movies from me one about the candy collab after which two um factual my fashioned vlogmas I mediate it'll withhold it straightforward and there'll be no delight in for people that anyway.

It'll factual be extra straightforward that plan so um anyway it'll be straightforward on the tip now after I'm beginning to edit and getting my movies together gained't be straightforward but with that being acknowledged I’m making my list and I even bear my supreme friend versatile despatched me an appealing contemporary bundt pan and I'm dying to make utilize of it and so I chanced on a cake recipe that.

I've never done sooner than and I'm extensive enraged to tell it to you so that'll be rising magnificent shortly I've also got the total chocolates for the candy collab and I mediate I was gonna discontinue I mediate I was going to try and discontinue three but I could also handiest discontinue two I'm no longer obvious we'll thought.

We are succesful of thought um I mediate I could also factual discontinue two for the candy collab I bear to inch attempting back to inch attempting if there used to be a minimum requirement um for that but um yeah so um I'm enraged uh now we bear I've got a lot rising.

Also now we bear our church Christmas occasion and I'm in fee of video games and yearly I discontinue video games and I discontinue prizes and likewise you understand the prizes are delight in a small cheap they're nothing nothing most considerable it's no longer equivalent to you're going to do away with some large glorious prize it's factual mainly a thanks for participating and being a factual sport.

Um so anyway I've got to get the prizes and I was making a checklist of enjoyment in how many delight in and I even bear delight in a small bit bigger reward for the winners of every sport and um and I truly bear a chum serving to me with video games this year so I had her send me how many surprises she well-known um so.

Yeah it's gonna be relaxing I also want a couple of things for the video games oh I need batteries pleased I thought of that all factual ample so that's what I'm doing factual now I'm factual waiting for the chickens to they'll call the chickens gained't call the firm will call and command we're on our plan with the chicks and so after they.

Call Bryant direct them they're on their plan he's going to call me and I'll load you to up and we'll inch over I discontinue most of the bureaucracy y'all my hair I'm telling you I hadn't brushed it on the present time it's disagreeable disagreeable but um anyway um so I'll load Judah up after I get the.

Call thanks factual searching at TV but anyway all factual um so I'll thought you in a small bit ample everyone I factual purchased the call so we are headed over to the farm the chicks will be there in about 10 minutes so I've got to get there get gloves on so I’m succesful of support elevate curtains and um so.

We'll be there we're headed to the farm ample guys I had to remain by here on legend of our charge tickets I withhold up with the feed here is a it's no longer an real I imply it’s miles a mailbox but it undoubtedly's no longer for the usPostal Provider it's a mailbox where the rooster people depart any correspondence in so um.

I'm grabbing all my bureaucracy out of here that I've got to position in the books so now we're gonna thought inch down here and deem what Daniel and Bryant are up to Daniel's our worker um you’ll want to presumably even bear viewed him on movies sooner than so um he's back with us and we are so grateful.

And thankful and um so we're gonna inch down here and deem what they're up to whereas they're waiting on the chicks to approach that sounds so comic doesn't it whereas they wait for the chicks to approach but um so yeah we're gonna thought what they're up to oh that solar is factual ample y'all I'm going to level to you.

One thing that you just will remember that you just were will remember me laughing my head off at Bryant procuring for and um he's finally in actuality beginning to work on it but let me level to you what it’s miles the employ truck so he's been working him and Daniel are engaged on getting the total steel out of it cleaning it up on legend of he's going to.

Own the mattress changed out he's going to position a spreader truck mattress on here um so this could occasionally doubtless maybe even be one other litter truck for he so he can unfold natural fertilizer from the rooster homes but they're in there working they're factual here at our dumpster and the supervisor is over there.

You're gonna get shadowy having fun with with these instruments they're doubtlessly there's doubtlessly soot all over them this truck clearly as you’ll want to presumably direct caught on fireplace uh and the fellow factual sold it he didn't must repair it or anything else he factual sold the total truck so oh my goodness but.

I thought you chanced on some instruments that's chilly that's serving to me recoup my funding did y'all hear that Brian acknowledged that used to be finding the instruments used to be serving to him uh recoup his funding all factual guys I gotta inch secure my gloves and we'll thought you when the chicks get here.

Okay y'all I'm in the distance of job and got my contemporary pair of gloves um I I every flock I am going get a brand contemporary pair of gloves and um so it feels weird having on these gloves they're extra or much less stiff um I'm in here engaged on the ventilation in the homes sooner than the chicks get here so.

Um I could also no longer get to movie them arriving on legend of I'm in here engaged on this so we are succesful of bear the ventilation fan approach on for a obvious amount of seconds and be off for a obvious amount of seconds so I'm factual adjusting that um on legend of we wanted to get the homes undoubtedly warm.

But we also need it to be at ease in there so that you just factual extra or much less my shadow on the present time he’s following me round in all places in the distance on legend of it’s miles so rapidly-paced and um I delight in he has to remain factual with bubbles I also came in here to glance a cowl here is extra or much less a.

Um I mediate they’ve arrived I discontinue hear a truck accessible ample all factual so I say we are succesful of let me glance a cowl after which we are succesful of inch over in direction of dwelling one we're getting 5 homes on the present time after which we'll get one extra dwelling on Thursday.

Okay y'all dwelling one and two is finished there they'll inch and get one other load after which we'll discontinue homes three four and 5 on the present time after which we'll get one other the closing dwelling will approach on Thursday for for some reason they don't tell chicks on Wednesday I don't know why but anyway uh let me level to you.

Can y'all thought him running plan down there Judah approach back inch there's a echo and I bawl I'm obvious y'all loved me yelling for your ear I'm sorry but that's what happens ought to you bear gotten gotten a small.

Baby running round um some of you guys requested why I withhold Judah and no longer Levi and I handiest withhold Juda two days a week and that is undoubtedly to relief Caroline with funds you understand factual to ease things up now that they’ve a dwelling and residential fee and all that.

Real stuff um it she Judah used to be ready to inch to fragment-time Baby Care pay and on the present time here is why I withhold him and no longer Levi at this level is on legend of he's ready to take a seat in there and play with the chicks and be factual and focus and mind and no longer must be held and.

Um where Levi would get undoubtedly tired he'd need me to relief him I factual could also no longer save my responsibilities here on the farm maintaining Levi um but Judah goes to varsity subsequent year after which uh as shortly as Levi gets pale ample to beginning out minding to no longer to being ready to bear some stamina and could play by itself and no longer need me to relief him.

The total time where I'm ready to discontinue my job here on the farm then I'm going to discontinue the the same for Levi and withhold him um I've had some these that inform out of lack of info and equivalent to you bear gotten gotten two grandchildren and sure I discontinue and I delight in them each the the same but um factual now Judah is factual at that age where he's ready to play by himself.

Um if I direct him to remain in a obvious dwelling I know that he’ll and he gained't bustle off and so that's that's the reasoning on the back of that so I don't know why I persistently feel the bear to expose myself but there you bear gotten gotten it so Judah what are you doing can you direct us what you're doing what are you constructing.

A water park he's constructing a water park successfully we're gonna thought how factual that water park is day after currently on legend of it's supposed to rain rain rain and it's gonna bear slime slides gonna inch on the huge facets it's gonna bear a large ride that's so chilly there's some rocks in.

Right here and I'm gonna construct them staircase construct them a staircase out of the rocks that's a extraordinary thought all factual successfully you withhold constructing your um water park and we'll approach bear a look at it in a small whereas ample ample everybody Brian despatched me and Judah dwelling to get lunch and.

Um him and Daniel are gonna stay and proceed doing a small work on that truck whereas we wait for the following flock of chicks after which Judah and I will return over there so let me level to you what I'm having for lunch I'm eating the closing of the broccoli casserole from Thanksgiving on legend of it you understand we well-known to utilize it up and so it's going.

Out of here leftover inexperienced beans from closing night and a few appetizing deer summer sausage here is venison summer sausage and it has pepper jack cheese in it it has jalapenos in it and it’s miles so factual a chum of ours um brings us this and I mediate he has a chum that makes it in Ohio and uh it’s miles so factual I delight in this.

Venison um summer sausage also I had a girl in church Sunday she gave me um some ground venison so um I mediate I could even bear shared that with you already but so I'm extensive enraged to construct delight in some spaghetti and anything else you’ll want to presumably construct with ground beef you’ll want to presumably construct with.

Ground venison um so I'm enraged to make utilize of that and if I utilize it and likewise you're no longer accustomed to venison then you definately presumably can factual substitute um beef but anyway here is my lunch and naturally my.

I know some of y'all mediate that's disagreeable for me but it undoubtedly has helped me get to where I’m so I'm attempting my I'm desiring to lengthen my water and that's what I needs to be ingesting is water but um with a factual meal I need soda so anyway all factual I'll thought you guys in a small.

Bit ample guys that's the vehicle that um chicks approach on I'm I'm using down the between the rooster homes I'm no longer in actuality on a boulevard and not using a seat belt but I'm in the on the farm but um we're factual using from dwelling to dwelling and we're going over here we're the second put apart of chicks are here.

So the closing three homes on the present time that we're getting on the present time bear factual arrived and we are succesful of be getting delight in I acknowledged earlier the um other one on Thursday so all factual so let me get in here and assist them I'm a small dull getting over here hey guys I even bear.

Executed on the rooster homes I've approach dwelling I've showered I've washed my hair and I factual blew dry it it's no longer mounted by any methodology but um I’m exhausted you’ll want to presumably direct I even bear been out of chickens for a whereas persistently after they approach back that day and we had assist on the present time.

I didn't even discontinue that mighty I hear people walking I hear leaves sharp anyway I factual thought I'd approach out here and direct you that we made it and we quiet bear one dwelling to inch on Thursday but that's ample I'll be ready that'll be easy in actuality Bryant could also doubtlessly discontinue that dwelling by itself whereas I recall care of the alternative.

5 scamper in them and checking on them and stuff so I don't know the plan we'll discontinue that but anyway where Judah has had a shower giving him a shower and focus on a dirty small boy he used to be a dirty small boy so I'm factual making ready now to inch to our church dinner I don't mediate I'm gonna.

Fix up I don't mediate I'm gonna put make-up on I don't mediate I'm gonna discontinue any of that um on legend of I'm tired I'm factual tired and um I'm no longer one who has to be mounted up the total time you guys know that you just've viewed me on here I don't bear to bear make-up on the total time so.

Um I bear to inch attempting mighty better with it but and I feel doubtlessly mighty better but after I'm tired and I know I gotta get factual back at it day after currently morning and I factual don't must discontinue all of it to commit it to memory off you understand anyway so um I'll I'll wretchedness with it day after currently um but anyway.

I discontinue feel better I'm dapper I scent better so all factual I don't mediate I'm gonna discontinue any cooking on the present time I was fascinated about making candy but um I'll doubtlessly command that both for day after currently or Thursday got to get it done sooner than the fifth I'm delight in on a.

I'm delight in on a crunched crunch time so we'll thought anyway ample I'll thought you guys doubtlessly after we head to dinner sooner than we depart I needed to level to you guys this glorious day bear a look on the sunshine is so beautiful and deem that Sky y'all.

That's the tree factual there that I'm alarmed we've misplaced so I say in the spring if there's no ticket of lifestyles in her we are succesful of tell her down but it undoubtedly used to be struck by lightning you’ll want to presumably thought the true lightning strike and um you’ll want to presumably in actuality thought on the tip.

Where bark is beginning to fall off so I mediate she's a goner but um I’m gonna give factual assist out that one small shred of hope that there will be a small lifestyles in her approach spring but I'm no longer hopeful all factual I'm getting in.

Okay guys we're headed into the restaurant we you hear us focus on Sir Pizza comparatively a piece but here is delight in in a it's one other metropolis over but it undoubtedly's it's the the same forms our pizza so what we're at yep it's a Church's grub Club so we're getting in here we'll thought interior ample guys this complete room is our group and we're in actuality lighter than same old.

I mediate doubtlessly on legend of it's getting shut to Christmas so but here is a mammoth turnout of our church family factual fellowshipping together and the small lady up here coloring her name is Taylor and it's her birthday so we're gonna bear a birthday cake for her all factual they're bringing out salads.

Okay we'll exclaim first thanks pleased birthday to you pleased birthday wow hey everyone so I'm ending closing night's.

Video this morning um as as we left um Sir Pizza I didn't feel delight in going to Walmart so we factual scratched that and we'll discontinue it someday on the present time um after which we went dwelling we checked the chickens we went to the farm we did our tedious night Tech of the chickens we.

Visited Isaac for a small bit after which we came dwelling was the TV on and shortly thereafter we made up our minds to inch to mattress we were tired they we get chickens is tired so I'm gonna conclude on the present time's successfully yesterday's video here and I'm gonna beginning videoing on the present time so thanks guys for searching on the fireman pastor's lifestyles and remember the grease is hot ample.

You would maybe maybe presumably fry anything else bam foreign

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