Mountainous Recordsdata for Polygon (MATIC) Hodlers! | 2023 Crypto Change

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Yes welcome help every person my determine's Austin such huge files this day whilst you accumulate polygon Matic and by the draw earlier than I fragment with you this video this is able to maybe possibly be the very best files being tweeted by polygon Maddox Chief protection officer at polygon Labs she says this day polygon Labs is proud to descend its core protection tips a put of residing of 4 guideposts that.

Will power our method to abdicating for sound regulations for the web3 ecosystem nonetheless why I belief this was once attention-grabbing is because that is polygon matic's are trying from a protection side for Mass adoption policymakers worldwide salvage ramped up their efforts on regulating net by Tech that will shape our future when it comes to decentralized.

Tech our mission on protection is knowledgeable by the ethos of web3 constructed overtly and transparently and these are the specifics that is what they're genuinely about to total core theory number 1 offer protection to instrument development at all charges to design scramble continued Innovation let's be sure that that the devs can encourage doing something it is a ways what it is a ways nonetheless I’d like.

The label to transfer up can Debs cease something we are going to oppose proposed regulations that survey to encourage an eye on writing and Publishing code and ones that look to flip devs into Monetary intermediaries so polygon wants to fight for protection that protects developers core theory two decentralization is a host of and regulations salvage to tackle the realities of.

Decentralized tech this doesn't mean abandoning regulation targets particular person protection Market Integrity Etc they’ll also be accomplished factual in another case Don't Power centralization to salvage there core theory 3 encourage watch over activities B Tech neutral regulations that take care of Products and companies performed by americans cause rather than Tech itself shall be Evergreen and develop.

With the accumulate by ecosystem don't survey to encourage an eye on Tech for the rationale that code by myself looks comparable to capabilities within the tradify world so polygon is pronouncing design regulations to tackle exercise is something if somebody is doing something illegal there's obviously protection to tackle that nonetheless text neutral and we must composed offer protection to that and protection makers must composed design that.

Obvious core theory four security and transparency equals key to user protection and this fairly self-explanatory with security and transparency polygon is advocating for that regulation must composed focal level on sturdy disclosures and the soundness of the tech itself that draw design it delivery design it clear design the audits scramble.

Whatever you might maybe maybe maybe possibly moreover salvage to total Builders must composed feel stable organising dapps on a platform and at final earlier than I fragment with you that video what it all comes the full method down to whilst you accumulate polygon we promise to be clear referring to the put we stand on protection that is the starting more to attain help tear into the GitHub salvage in contact the waters shall be choppy now nonetheless.

We’re all in this collectively we'll collaborate with you and policymakers to electrify sound tips for the dual carriageway now the mainstream media won't quilt this whenever eventually polygon has an replace I will design a video I'll encourage you knowledgeable apart from to when any prominent altcoin makes files you might maybe maybe be the first to know so we salvage an replace on the.

Protection side we also salvage an replace on the tech side zero files identification for net 3. the polygon ID team is mad to stammer four instruments which had been released within the polygon ID identification infrastructure to electrify a more Equitable net that locations identification on the guts of it and another time how this impacts you we don't desire these centralized.

Amazon net companies Googles no matter to govern the files to govern your identification the future must composed be a self-sovereign identification the accumulate wasn't constructed with identification in tips proving your identification with out losing it has been a bid since day one many efforts had been made over time to tackle this.

Distress nonetheless indirectly they've failed to balance user privacy with compliance with polygon ID there’s now a suite of instruments which permit developers to basically swap the belief model deployed on the accumulate now users don't salvage to basically be nameless to accumulate their privacy whether or not you're a dow taking its.

Governance to the subsequent stage or an institution issuing valid world requirements employ the issuer node and I'm not going to bore you I'm not going to waste your time I'm not going to play your whole thing nonetheless I will hyperlink it down under in verbalize for you to test this out for yourself well-known capabilities included and at final whilst you subscribe to altcoin day-to-day Twitter.

Linked down under you saw this well-known Starbucks is now serving up its first nfts at 100 bucks a pop on Matic here is some of that art work and listed here are these well-known capabilities espresso giant Starbucks is taking well-known steps into web3 with its Starbucks Odyssey Rewards program on polygon which is currently delivery in beta to restricted.

Users and after losing a pair of free nfts to early adopters it's put of residing to originate its first ever paid collaboration this afternoon so what namely are these nfts Starbucks Odyssey will originate the restricted version siren sequence offering up 2 000 nfts that shall be equipped for a hundred dollars a part every uncommon part of art work is impressed by.

The Model's logo iconic logo a pleasurable mermaid guys screw Starbucks who cares about Starbucks I mean their espresso's shapely I'll I'll salvage it I'll the espresso is honest I mean the espresso is okay nonetheless the simpler files is these company Giants which salvage quite loads of of hundreds if not Millions day-to-day energetic users are on the polygon Network that draw.

They salvage polygon that draw all their customers who salvage to begin becoming concerned salvage to eventually salvage polygon the minute I salvage more updates on polygon I will design a video I will encourage you knowledgeable and by the draw I'm in Los Angeles whilst you're a espresso store within the Los Angeles put of residing factual whilst you're crypto qualified possibly accumulate Bitcoin possibly.

Polygon I'll attain the next day I'll attain the next day engage a espresso observation down under or answer to us on Twitter love continually see you the next day

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