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In this video I will be installing this gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 Nvidia graphics card in my darling scamper on 3671 this comes with a gddr5 reminiscence 2 gigabyte reminiscence and it’ll give me a 4K at 60 hertz so let's commence the sphere and explore the graphic playing cards interior it's a colossal field they prefer to.

Make colossal packing containers for puny playing cards I don't know why so it is a card it's tranquil sealed you explore right here it has fan and it has a PCI 16 Notify connector right here and the steady thing about this card is that it doesn't need an exterior energy it comes with the user manual and with the CD to set up the motive force.

And the RS engine this would possibly per chance per chance be an exterior bracket this is for the puny make declare PCS but I in point of fact indulge in a tower PC so this one will fit neatly in my tower PC and this is the PCI Notify extension slot so I'm going to set up the graphics card in it and right here within the dough I must take.

This right here the screw in inform that I take this one take this bracket after which set up the graphics card so let me take the screw and likewise you are taking this like that so I must take first this bracket right here it is a disposable bracket so I true removed it and this is the graphics card.

Let me take the protection right here it is going to pass in like this so push it in gently Pattern the entire potential in so this is it installed and it is a bracket and right here all it’s most indispensable to attain is attach this like this after which.

Set up the screw relief on so it is a graphics card installed right here you explore that the HDMI is good and the DVI is good now the tool I'm not gonna spend it so I'm true gonna take the protection from the HDMI like that and I'll be the spend of the HDMI output

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