How To Mint XEN When Net page Is Down (WEB3 Contract)

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Foreign what's going on guys so that you just're right here you would possibly lumber over some Zen you lumber to the net page and it's freaking crashed well that's because of I'm sure this factor's going to be attacked left and staunch and dosed and overloaded and who’s conscious of uh maybe they'll decide up it on cloud enticing to.

Indulge in DDOS I don't know what's going on but anyways thanks to the vitality of net 3 you will likely be able to head over to the contract join on the aid door so somewhat hundreds of of us don't trace web3 join to Zen without lengthen with out the net page and that's what this video goes to enact so first factor you enact is join your pockets right here is beta blah blah blah now you obtained to.

Be sure that that what you're doing k so if we lumber over to transactions we are able to survey deliver incorrect of us are claiming incorrect k so we know that transactions are going through so assist over to the contract tab staunch contract we’re connected so we will head to deliver incorrect so now the question is the max term we don't know.

What the max term is so the final time it used to be 351 so I'll set in 400. so right here is the collection of days that you just would possibly encourage in say to determine up your Zen now you will likely be able to survey it busted an unbelievable excessive gasoline rate so as that's an error k let's correct enact 375. so at the same time as you occur to're getting a mountainous gasoline rate you trace it's disagreeable 360.

So it would possibly maybe additionally decide up correct maxed out at well 360 is reside k 365. it's working so we did 365. so we trace it used to be someplace between 360 and 370. all staunch so now that you just've minted you would possibly know what your reward goes to be net page's restful down so that you just lumber.

Over to be taught contract and we're going to head down right here and we're going to enact decide up energetic Stakes let's survey uh k user mints so I set in my tackle then I'm going to hit question and it's going to present me these numbers k but I don't know what my coin depend is so I wish to make utilize of these numbers and utilize one other one.

So decide up putrid reward so on the explicit tab we did user mints we're going to defend finish these numbers and we're going to build them up below decide up putrid reward so my incorrect is 305 305 000 wallets holy cow it's lots k amplifier.

It's 299 term 365 so that you just're correct matching these up EAA 9 to seven then we hit question I'm gonna decide up 1.9 million cash so as that's it that's all there is to.

The usage of net 3 when the Zen network is down it's restful down so as that's it I am hoping you enjoyed this day's video as continually love subscribe this crypto so at the same time as you occur to're now not talking beneficial properties then we're now not talking international.

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