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Hiya what's up investors Jason here so we're goingto be persevering with a technical diagnosis and a ticket prediction of ethereum now currently we're taking a surveyon the bull market red meat up band so it's restful a undergo Market resistance band at this 2nd however weare consolidating very neatly and getting nearer and nearer to gaze the littlest ticket motionwithin ethereum presumably lead us into being exact into this bull market red meat up band expectantlyat this time we'll be in a location to surpass it given the truth that now we own been consolidating so worthy withinthe value of ethereum and the sideways procuring and selling has been getting us inching us nearer and nearerto gaze the type of wretchedness play out not only exact with the bull market red meat up band however moreover with our brightaverages as we're seeing this consolidation and the sideways procuring and selling with ethereum uh just exact switchthe bright averages down an increasing number of now we.

Dangle you perceive intertwining within our 20-daybright common in our 50-day bright common however it’s likely you’ll perchance presumably gaze that our 100-day bright commonis moreover initiating to tumble on-line as neatly and this consolidation is sweet going to manual to presumablymore ticket movements to the upside because the value of ethereum had presumably reached that that bottomsupport in June and now this leisurely restoration that we're seeing or this correction that we're seeing elevateelevate fold here goes to glean us support above those earlier averages and expectantly you perceive support intopresumably a bull cycle with ethereum clearly this is stuff that’s taking lots of time to play outand it's going to proceed to raise time to play out however this development that we're seeing isleading us forward to gaze this change into a truth all exact so now taking it over here on the fourhour chart and taking a survey at what's currently going.

On with ethereum and taking a survey at this Fibonacciretracement taking a survey at this low Level here which used to be which used to be our 52-week low which used to be roundabout 880 someplace round there it used to be and how hastily things went up exact into a 5-formula impulseexact into a ticket a dinky bit bit above two thousand bucks so we went from beneath 900 to being adinky bit above two thousand bucks within a subject of two months as things had came about therenow over these this closing month what we've seen is we've seen a correction that has taken us beneath 50of that entire escape So currently we're hanging out at round this this uh 618 Fibonacci stage exactnow and things are persevering with to consolidate now it's both gonna going to for sure lead us intothis consolidation falling by the Fibonacci stage into the next Fibonacci stage or expectantlybreaking by and taking us into this 50.

Fibonacci stage a ticket at round 14.50 someplaceround there would be an supreme wretchedness that we also can gaze ethereum presumably step forward now ofroute now we want to be bullish and bearish now we own to own two totally different theories to work thingsout um as so as a ways as what fabricate I mediate we're going to gaze now if we’re desirous to divulge that here ispresumably 5 waves to to the blueprint back neatly then we would own a weight one two three and thenwe are able to own a dinky bit little bit of a ticket motion to the upside presumably exact by the 50 Fibonacci stagethen more to the blueprint back there's one possibility that that wouldn't be the case and then for surewe are able to just exact declare it's just exact a straightforward section of an ABC correction or a w x y correction as a possibilitythere's moreover this possibility too despite the proven truth that that here is all section of a worthy increased impulse andthat can just exact be announcing you perceive here is our.

Our first wave exact here at this wave 5 andthen what we're correcting here is that 2nd wave and we're going into that third wave impulsetoday and that's why I mediate that this three thousand dollar ticket for ethereum is one thingthat you just perceive is an right possibility of seeing the type of play play out and that will be with out a doubtjust exact correcting lots of what we had seen this this wave 5 here that took lots of the associated priceof ethereum out with it and this used to be you perceive when things had an fully modified into round withinthat 2nd quarter of 2022 however I moreover mediate that there's not hundreds that we are able to also proceedto gaze ethereum Style downwards and that’s just exact as a result of the proven truth that we've already seen so worthyconsolidation inner the value I mean if we own been to raise this this low Level here the 52-week lowthen what this with out a doubt skill is that this used to be.

That associated ticket that ethereum used to be at within thatfirst week of January 2021 and that's a reason why I mediate it could perchance be very exhausting for ethereumto proceed to consolidate and tumble down worthy more without the value seeing some form of upwardsmomentum because of that reason I I mediate that we've already seen the value depleted so worthy that wecan’t uh it won't be in a location to maintain persevering with with the type of gargantuan ticket fall so I don't with out a doubtmediate that we would gaze ethereum tumble worthy decrease than that ticket wherever it had his 52-week lowat I mediate that bigger than likely we're going to want to gaze this correction happen and apattern to that upside I mediate that there's just exact too worthy with ethereum today um as a ways because thethe associated price of it being depleted that there's not with out a doubt worthy room for it to proceed in thatpath uh just exact because of that reason now if.

We own been to raise things a dinky bit more bearisher Imediate had seen a continuation to the blueprint back a dinky bit bit more I declare to a ticket of roundeleven hundred bucks generally is a possibility and that also can total a fifth wave if we own beento divulge uh wave one wave two wave three away four and then away 5 at that eleven hundreddollar ticket that also can moreover be one more formula things can play out however if we survey at thisthese increased impulses here and we survey at these um retracing these losses that we did own thenthis possibility that also can elevate us into the month of January 2023 or February 2023 I've been canplay out this form if we own been to divulge this used to be a wave one this used to be a wave two then we know thatas we lead by the month of October on into uh the month of November we're going to gleanone more fomc meeting and more hobby price.

Hikes and things adore that so we're morethan likely be breaking by that high um high Fibonacci stage and elevate this round tothat ticket three thousand bucks expectantly by the initiating of November uh that will be wavethree we're wanting forward to you perceive CPI records totally different things adore that that can elevate this form threedown which I would mediate would proceed into um would proceed round this Fibonacci stage here and we knowthat that fomc meeting is I mediate it's within the 2nd or exact after the most main week of Novemberone thing adore that so we'll just exact declare howdy now we own a wave four that can come in exact after thatand that wave 5 would be what would elevate us you know by the waste of the one year on into uh 2023so announcing that that this fifth wave this impulse would elevate us uh presumably to retracing this totalfourth wave that we had our fifth wave that we had.

Happening uh so that's a possibility there so uhthis could perchance be all section of a retracement within the in 5 waves to the upside that's just exact a theoryI mean there's so many lots of belongings it’s likely you’ll perchance presumably play out here the usage of Elliott wave theory however Iwould mediate that a wretchedness adore this will also be one thing that also can happen if if now we own youknow various mattress meetings growing restful this one year for various price hikes that's why I mediatethat we are able to also gaze an Impulse the upside exact into a correction however in any case I'll just exact proceed away it here I'dcare for to listen to your thoughts and opinions about this what fabricate you guys mediate fabricate you guys mediate thatwe've already reached that bottom with ethereum and now we're presumably trending to the upsidehere I'd care for to know so with that being stated please adore share comment subscribe recent issue materialpopping out your entire time gaze you next one foreign.

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  1. < I respect your work mate. TA Is all properly and proper but I get It in truth baffling that each main crypto youtubers correct behold at pure TA and fully ignore the higher story of why BTC Is pumping and why the future outlook may perhaps well no longer be as rosy as It looks. It's kinda irresponsible to Ignore the truth that each ETF delivery up to now has triggered a primary dump at the peaks of BTC.. We were already on shaky footing with traditionally low volume and nearly pure whale pumps, narrowly avoiding a long-timeframe hold market.This Is the worst imaginable time in historical previous to make investments as so many don't relief up their crypto sources...

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