The channel as repeatedly it is miles Prick right here assist to your day-to-day crypto data and Prognosis and this day we're going to be talking about hedera and H bar so upright dive in and let's originate up off with this tweet right here from hedera we enact thought Adera is right here for money 2020 USA stop by Booth 6018 for some free swag and to chat with one of the well-known hedera nature Foundation.

Team about all things web 3 cbdc's and fintech our community is riding the plan forward for Finance with DLT near insist with us to learn extra now I fill mentioned it time and time all over again I love these occasions we've been beginning to sight a gigantic pickup in a mode of crypto occasions as smartly and it appears like crypto itself is beginning to know up mark.

Movement has been sluggish I indicate we haven't in actuality viewed a mode of mark action across the board I indicate some altcoins like qnc and Casper were uh doing thoroughly uh however a mode of the tokens were in actuality roughly sluggish roughly sideways procuring and selling momentum if you happen to will however that is to be anticipated at instances like these uh however what I’m infected for is 2023 lots.

Of things are going down in 2023 I'm infected peaceable for one of the well-known utilize cases that we were discussing around hedera to head reside within the fall time body quarter four appears graceful upright for hedera we for jog have to scrutinize and wait and verify uh however I enact reflect that the boost of hedera is going to continue and uh there has been a mode of.

Excitement around hedera and I reflect that there's going to be powerful extra eyes going to the hedera facet of things uh than most assorted chains like even Solana Ada et cetera and the motive why is thanks to the boost I indicate things are rising on hedera we're going to be talking about that right here in a 2d however I enact worship to sight them talking about.

Web 3 cbdc's and fintech which we enact fill so many well-known initiatives internal these fields being built out on hedera on account of how atmosphere good this dot is and the technology stack behind it and I reflect that's ideal a topic of time forward of powerful extra folks sign this genuinely talking extra so about that and in actuality roughly talking about the boost we enact.

Spy over right here from hedera we enact thought y'all seeing basically the latest Missouri crypto file on hedera quarter 3 with boost across the hbar ecosystem seriously in D5 TBL new user accounts and hjs nfts it's been a gigantic quarter I worship the coverage as repeatedly and we enact thought that file down there which we are able to procure to right here in a 2d however we enact thought from the.

HBO Foundation quarter three is Quantified as as much as and including September since then we've already viewed Aberdeen which is 508 billion uh pounds sources underneath management company joined the hedera executive council with plans to tokenize their funds networks they might be able to drag reside and additionally weights had been listed on the coinbase or on coinbase or after.

All like markets are for constructing and yes um I reflect that these styles of announcements are now not going to head unnoticed I reflect to this point you understand a mode of them fill now not created a buzz however you will want to establish in thoughts you understand there's now not a mode of eyes upright now on crypto genuinely there's a mode of oldsters which fill.

Stepped some distance flung from crypto on account of it losing which by the plan please enact now not enact that it's the like right here’s basically the most efficient time to be in crypto when it's dull where there's nothing going down on tale of when things originate as much as switch like a flash they switch like a flash um and we enact thought down right here in quarter three we crossed a hundred million.

Dollars plus in tvl which is terribly upright that's a extraordinarily upright statistic we reported on it as of late on account of sausage swap Labs theater labs and Haley swap alongside this we seen big boost in HR nfts on account of Zeus Market hash procure entry to hash Guild and the total qualified H bar artists the nft ecosystem situation all-time highs for each users and transactions.

While the crypto provider additionally seen all-time highs for weekly users uh maybe most excitingly September are situation an all-time excessive for mark spanking new accounts created 107 000 plus as viewed on Dragon glass that's insane like that's truly a gigantic statistic um we enact thought down right here we're infected to sight the total development made in quarter.

Three and can’t wait to sight what quarter four holds with the total new users flowing into the community it's time for us all to shut collectively in welcoming the new H barbarians and yeah I indicate things are insane around hedera as of late uh Missouri we've repeatedly talked about Missouri they are a gigantic within the dwelling around reporting and things like that we.

Carry out thought the speak of hadera quarter 3 2022 community-huge task increased with the initiate of the well-known decentralized change uh swap labs and then with the task hitting all-time highs phases one and two of staking went reside the orderly contract Carrier had explosive boost as smartly and also you guys can thought the total statistics right here I do know.

Among the ideal metrics right here that folks are going to set a spotlight on is after all the tokenomics the circulating Supply from quarter three to quarter three of 2022 for instance increased by 14 billion which is a graceful big switch enact I enhance that now not in actuality I indicate tokenomics are key for a accomplishing to in actuality roughly switch it's lots more uncomplicated to.

Switch a accomplishing that has less Supply than you understand some something that has we'll recount 50 billion tokens now does that indicate that H4 is now not going to switch the least bit no that does now not indicate that I reflect that the tokenomics even at 24 billion tokens available is now not too depraved confidently we enact now not hit you understand 30 billion 40 billion or so by 2023.

Um I don't reflect that that is going to be the case however all over again in phrases of tokenomics yeah I do know that they’re going to most likely be better around hbar however what we learn about hbar what we learn about hedera and things going down around hedera things are beginning to procure very thrilling and right here’s the well-known time in potentially about I might maybe maybe recount virtually a 365 days and a half or.

Practically two years now where I truly roughly seemed at hedera and H bar and I'm like wow I'm extraordinarily extraordinarily infected for what's to shut in upright the arrival weeks months and even maybe One Singular 365 days on tale of you bought to establish in thoughts things can happen so like a flash and I enact mediate from right here on out we are able to in all probability invent out a ground.

And from there we in actuality roughly scrutinize at okay where are we going to head within the subsequent well-known bustle up and so that they enact additionally destroy down the financial and community overview down right here they discuss ultimately of a quarter three header's market capitalization changed into relatively flat quarter over quarter uh switch volume changed into up about 25 percent quarter over.

Quarter and Account for nft metrics made all-time highs defy Adera stop at quarter three with a hundred million bucks in TVO 171 percent amplify quarter over quarter the amplify in tvl changed into primarily pushed by the initiate of hedera's first decentralized change social swap labs within the 2-month census initiate saucer has reached over 17.

Million bucks in TBL and 30 million bucks in volume and right here you guys fill uh hedera Defy is dominated by two capabilities and these two are the ideal ones in phrases of stator as smartly as swap I enact reflect that we’re going to thought powerful extra D5 products launching and I reflect that that's going to be very thrilling to scrutinize us continue to morph.

Into maybe even a thousand million bucks plus in TBL that's going to be a extraordinarily thrilling metric uh down right here we enact thought nft task ultimately of quarter three nftx active users 90 quarter over quarter and transactions 107 quarter over quarter each situation all-time highs and after all it's thanks to the nft task it's insane.

Um and then they enact destroy down the community statistics as smartly um tale management so right here is where you will most likely be in a predicament to thought a mode of the well-known um insights around accounts so in quarter three or ultimately of quarter three the hedera crypto provider situation an all-time excessive in weekly active users and.

Uh you will most likely be in a predicament to thought the active users over right here you will most likely be in a predicament to additionally thought the transactions as smartly uh consensus provider they enact mention the consensus Carrier as smartly which did tale for 75 of total transactions and ideal 0.2 percent of active users file Carrier as smartly they enact mention the file provider they drag intensive on a mode of things uh orderly.

Contracts so in February 2022 the initiate of orderly contracts 2.0 introduced evm compatibility to the provider uh in quarter two of the 2022 task exploded ultimately of quarter three 2022 the boost accelerated with a median of three 000 weekly active users and 1.3 million transactions so there's lots right here to in actuality roughly make a selection in I indicate things are.

Immediately shifting I reflect that things are going to continue to slither up and the boost is ideal going to continue to invent and invent from right here as extra and extra users near over to hedera we've talked a pair of mode of varied well-known chain users coming over to hedera thanks to the efficiencies and additionally shot to Credible crypto we enact thought over right here.

Hederic nodes are for the time being being bustle by IBM Google Boeing Ubisoft fpos uh Deutsche uh Deutsche Telecom sorry T-Cell chain link and extra which node did you pick to stake to and uh yeah you might maybe maybe maybe maybe for jog thought the total well-known nodes uh who they’re hosted by as smartly the placement and right here’s terribly thrilling um I truly are making an try to know which node.

Are you guys uh for the time being utilizing and which of them did you pick uh to me I truly selected FIS on tale of I reflect that FIS is a gigantic key player right here however I additionally fill a few assorted ones that I enact fill uh roughly stake to upright simply on tale of like I truly am following what coinman mentioned over right here like all my accounts are staked to assorted nodes.

It's like DLT uh grab a combination so yeah I were taking a see at a few assorted ones to scrutinize at in phrases of staking to upright why now not however it absolutely is peaceable very thrilling to at final thought this drag reside we were seeing a few uh rewards being dished out as smartly to a pair people so very thrilling instances um a mode of things were going down.

Of route we've been taking a see on the nft market I'm going to be doing powerful extra videos over on my nft channel I've viewed that we as of late upright hit like 1K subscribers which is crazy however we enact thought Henry uh barbum's 9 mil in nine days insane volume is being pushed over Zeus Market genuinely Zeus Market Day-to-day Characterize file-breaking 250 000 H bar sale by.

Hangry bar Boons uh ineffective pixels maintains its area within the head five collections metavision is additionally on the upward push there's a ton of initiatives that we were looking at for over right here however you might maybe maybe maybe maybe thought this like the the amount on the 24 hour span is quite 1.5 million age bar total volume 82.6 million h-bar upright to set that into.

Point of view I'm graceful clear we upright fill an excellent time it I I are making an try to head truly scrutinize at uh Zeus markets uh Twitter sorry to sight them celebrating this so yeah October 20th five days within the past five days within the past we hit 76 million upright to set that in perspective we fill added virtually nine million h-bar nine million nature on tale of we're at 8.6.

In five days that is crazy on tale of I establish in thoughts specifically assist in July after I first introduced up h-bar nfts I reflect that the total volume changed into maybe at 9 million 10 million we had maybe on the 24 hour volume like 200 000 H bar yeah things fill modified virtually.

60 000 objects sold right here’s upright I I indicate like scrutinize at this right here’s crazy to me I indicate maybe I'm the ideal person that's taking a see at this however like if you happen to head into the final seven days and also you're taking a see on the total volume right here and also you're now not getting infected for the plan forward for thought even the final 30 days I indicate like right here’s ridiculous you might maybe maybe maybe maybe.

Surely roughly thought it right here however if right here’s now not getting you pondering about the plan forward for now not ideal hedera however H bar nfts as smartly that I seriously don't know what else will on tale of this now not ideal proves that there's a well-known set a matter to for these initiatives over right here however it absolutely additionally displays you upright how solid the hedera neighborhood is.

This to me is an well-known ingredient to scrutinize at and scrutinize for on tale of now not ideal does it provide you a tiny bit of an Insight on where we are headed as smartly however it absolutely displays that we are able to compete we are able to also very smartly be better push Beyond and even develop Higher Heights than assorted well-known chains available and also you guys know me I'm now not one for.

Competitiveness I'm now not you understand a tribalist around clear sources I don't mediate that hbar is going to assassinate this that whatever um however what I enact know and what I mediate in is the proven truth that after we scrutinize at nfts on hedera there is nothing available and I indicate there's nothing available that even compares to the efficiencies of.

Minting constructing taking a see for promoting whatever you too can very smartly be doing nft shimmering nothing compares to it then hedera I truly scrutinize forward to the day where one of the well-known ideal initiatives out on ethereum Solana Etc are coming over to hedera to invent and develop on tale of that's the day that things will completely morph into actuality on why hedera is going to be the considerable person.

Participant around nfts and we began to even thought uh The xrp Ledger push updates around nfts as smartly these styles of well-known chains that are extraordinarily atmosphere good are going to in actuality roughly Shadow over one of the well-known better avid gamers like ethereum and Solana so with that being mentioned I’m hoping that you just guys enjoyed this video If you happen to guys did for jog drag away a like.

Subscribe to notifications on if guys fill extra free sing material you guys are better than welcome to look at me on Twitter and turn the free Discord down description underneath as repeatedly hope that you just all fill a shapely day shapely evening if you happen to guys are on this forward of this with Prick peace out guys

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