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Tony real morning yeah smartly Staples Heart is constructing on uh in its mid 20s so per chance it's time to have a few of those procedures done we're here at the form of match stage of uh Enviornment now all all over again some folk originate fight quiet with calling it Staples Heart nonetheless it surely's arena now one of those folk that make certain folk originate that and Lee.

Ziven you're the president discuss a number of the new Renovations that we've bought occurring here smartly first it is Marina second Tony real to see you or hear you I've been watching you for 70 years on TV now and I'm handiest 67. you would possibly want to establish out the math here is the here is the most major Concourse coming into the new Chairman's Club in case you race.

This vogue you would possibly want to truly see a hockey participant in case you race this plot you would possibly want to truly see Arms put in a basketball into the fetch I comprehend it's just a minute tricky to see I'm struggling to see it nonetheless belief me it's there why don't we race in the room and I'll let you know just a minute bit about what we've done if the doorways if the door is unlocked.

Here which it is the RFI keys are there here is taking place please so here is the the Chairman's Lounge here is the new Chairman's Club here is an uncommon club for Kings eyesight seat holders and Lakers Courtside seat holders the Clippers will expend this nonetheless now no longer as high-terminate as we originate this instantly they'll expend it for a few of their uh quartzite.

Seat holders as smartly all consist of all inclusive glassware most modern tables and Furniture in here let's toddle over here test up on a number of the food you would possibly want to even see the TVs here is double the situation of the what we call the Chairman's room plot aid after we spread out Staples Heart up unless now here is fragment one of many three-fragment.

Multi-million buck renovation so you would possibly want to even see the food that is out here for the company this will be fully stocked the final evening we work over here to a couple action stations where you would possibly want to even see a number of the assorted things there and then one factor I originate must let you know here is the arena smartly-known dirt dog we did a tackle a firm a Los Angeles firm.

That is uh titled dirt dog they possess the rights to that native seller and they got here up with the loaded scorching dog belief we loved it they originate a form of philanthropy and they're consistent with what we originate dirt canine and by the manner we'll provide you with a to-race uh basket for all this stuff later on at this time time Travis I could opt it aid to the studio I know.

They'll enjoy that smartly Tony will eat it I'll repeat you now no longer surely you transfer over here so on level that's so ravishing fruits vegetables all of this stuff here once here is performed after the first length we speak out truffles snacks those form of things fleshy bar surroundings fleshy premium wines premium alcohol so it's all inclusive as fragment of being a.

Unique Chairman's club holder and then in case you seek at the aid there by our fireplaces there will be a grab-and-race for folk truly leaving to exit for the first length second length third length or halftime smartly these are all amazing changes and we're all very enraged for the subsequent uh I guess the subsequent levels of the renovations.

Here so Lee all all over again thank you so mighty for your time I mediate you equipped us all on the Chairman's Lounge thank you guys for coming down enjoy it and please whereas you originate come real down to Enviornment know before you race and it’s seemingly you’ll per chance would favor to strive and test this dwelling out as smartly fully aid to you guys

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