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Hi guys welcome to my residence I'm doing my on the present time's the first summer coming across my channel I'm a mommy YouTuber based entirely mostly in India thanks so great for clicking on my video so guys um I'm beginning this Vlog and it's currently 3 P.M and I've I've been in a neighborhood to film some movies earlier so I changed into fancy let me appropriate open this Vlog and total.

The video I started some days lend a hand so um for this uh particular video I I notion making smoked fish um I if truth be told possess obtained some fish in my freezer I'm gonna seize that out and additionally I if truth be told possess some chicken which I'm gonna be using to salvage some jollof rice that is local Nigerian jollof rice I wanted a vegetable for it I wanted the fairway.

Spinach however I didn't look that on the local market so I needed to salvage the purple spinach I've by no formula passe the purple spinach for my rice I don't know if it's gonna possess an designate on the coloration of the rice I appropriate don't know I optimistically finger defective I hope that it doesn't disappoint I pray so so um let's dawdle to the kitchen so I’m able to take dangle of.

Out my chicken and my fish and defrost them before it will get dreary you guys you won't imagine what took negate take into account initially of this video I mentioned I changed into going to salvage um Native jollof rice however humorous sufficient I performed up making one thing else as a replace of what I deliberate making earlier that is one ingredient about marriage one or ingredient one or two.

Issues came up and I needed to repair it repair them and I attended my toddler and when I changed into finished it changed into getting dreary and my husband is now now not any individual that eats dreary at night even when he occurs to come lend a hand later at work he’ll appropriate seize one thing gentle and dawdle to and dawdle to mattress so I I appropriate didn't know what to withhold out I changed into fancy what am I going to withhold out on myth of I.

Know that I won't salvage although that respect how jollof rice is a rather straightforward recipe to salvage however I know by by the time I'm finished I needed to smoke my fish I if truth be told possess new fish within the freezer that I wanted to smoke and I already possess the remainder of the ingredient paper however I know that fish changed into gonna provide you with that native fashion and I comprehend it changed into.

Going to take dangle of time to smoke that changed into why I needed to slump the cooking of the Native rice for one other day Aisha will salvage it I shall Aisha made it the subsequent day I made rice the subsequent day and I'm gonna join the this ingredient the the video on this particular um video so this is me making jollof rice I've appropriate finished long previous forward to.

Prepare sorry did I utter jollof rice this is me making jollof spaghetti I'm gonna possess to arrange my sauce I’m basically using one or two issues fancy on myth of this is fancy a random cooking I didn't prepare to salvage jollof uh sorry I didn't prepare to salvage spaghetti tonight however ensuing from the conditions around it.

Surrounding by cooking tonight that changed into why I needed to commerce notion so I've appropriate made my sauce and align it to boil before including the spaghetti I'm using various kinds of spaghetti I'm using the the spaghetti itself and the assorted one the pasta since the spaghetti I if truth be told possess within the residence changed into changed into now now not going to be sufficient so.

Learn the formula to salvage lift out with what I if truth be told possess within the residence so I'm going to allow my sauce to boil before including this package appropriate a mercurial recipe nothing so necessary k this is now now not fancy an academic nothing so necessary so I'm going to add my spaghetti noun and permit it to boil for a diminutive bit to cook for a diminutive bit then I'll off my gasoline my.

Meals is ready so to continue staring at if you happen to've watched up to this stage lift out now now not neglect to subscribe to our Channel fancy and portion our movies thanks foreign places foreign places thanks next day this is forward my toddler I've been having.

Serious breakouts I believed outbreak of pimple on my face fancy it's very evident so I needed to commerce my all my beauty products ranging from my physique lotion the total trend down to my sponge so and I salvage it's getting better my face is now now not as immoral because it passe to be before I changed into having quite a lot of white head and blackheads in all places my face in actuality my face changed into.

Varied colours fancy you’d also actually look I don't know what took negate I don't know perhaps it's ensuing from the pregnancy hormone I don't even know so I salvage my face is getting better now so um I'm going to be attaching the video of that unboxing of that beauty product which I obtained from Amazon I'm going to be attaching it to this particular video.

Optimistically so yeah that is acceptable and updates on my face my face is getting better as you’d also look it's now now not as worse because it passe to be some months lend a hand and even my neck then my neck changed into so darkish I salvage these are the issues that of us by no formula focus on when they're pregnant .

When if you happen to seem some pregnant uh pregnant ladies on video on pictures they’re luminous they’re looking out neutral appropriate and you your self be asking your self what is occurring to your existence why is your maintain various it's k you're gonna possess those uh uh what's it called acne and all of those skin complications if you happen to is doubtless to be pregnant that is acceptable a sensible ingredient.

About pregnancy and this is social media participants don't constantly blow their maintain horns their flaws and all of that they want an ideal existence however this is acceptable me telling you if you happen to is doubtless to be pregnant and they're having those issues those skin discipline it's k it's gonna dawdle after you've had your diminutive one so this is acceptable fancy an substitute on my skin and I.

Mediate my skin is getting better I'm now now not a elegance uh perfect vlogger what I'm appropriate I'm right here appropriate giving my actual notion about myself hey guys we possess some unboxing to withhold out tonight so this uh packages came in um I salvage within the afternoon on myth of I changed into so busy I might per chance doubtless well I couldn't unbox it and I by the trend I wanted to unbox it on.

The digicam so take into account I mentioned I had a pregnancy acne so I've as of a time of making this video I've passe this um products and this is my swish overview perhaps I ought to salvage a separate video for it on myth of I by no formula anticipated it to work this very mercurial this video is now now not backed by the trend this is acceptable me giving my swish truth so I've passe this.

Um this physique shower for fancy one week I'll be two weeks at as of time of making this video I've passe it for 2 weeks and I've additionally passe uh the face toner k you’d also repeat from my video that my face changed into getting better my face my face is getting better perhaps I might respect for I might respect for an image of me where my face changed into damaged ensuing from.

Pregnancy acting out perhaps I'll join it to this video or rather I'll assemble one other video for you so that you guys will look how high quality this product I critically I've by no formula passe a product and it's labored this mercurial fancy on myth of I stay in India and quite a lot of of the elegance products they sell listed right here are basically for white skinned participants appropriate and quite a lot of of the.

Lotions I've passe so a long way I additionally sold the lotion the physique lotion although I didn't display it on this section of the video perhaps after I assemble one other video I'm going to display I'm going to give you with guys an substitute this is acceptable a physique shower and the face toner so lend a hand to what I changed into asserting I stay in India where most of their elegance products are basically.

Created for white skin white skin participants so that you infrequently salvage a product that can work to your skin however believe me Guys these products I'm now now not I'm now now not doing this ingredient I'm now now not marketing for any individual however this is acceptable my swish overview this product if truth be told labored fancy my magic I've passe this for fancy two weeks and I’m able to repeat from my trip.

That it's necessary for my skin and my skin is acceptable lovely my my skin is getting better three hours later so I'm going to take dangle of out my fish this is my fish so I'll be using all and additionally I'll seize my chicken I’m able to also now now not be using all I appropriate need small.

So I'll flee some tap water into them and lend a hand it within the identical optimistically foreign places I in the end made my jollof rice and this uh this is now now not fancy your strange jollof.

Rice this is palm oil jollof rice or native jollof rice the finest ingredient that is lacking on this jollof rice is disbursed to Leaf I need I had scent leaf that can possess given it that's very weird local Village jollof rice however on the opposite hand the rice came out so neutral appropriate and so yummy I if truth be told possess a if truth be told perfect neutral appropriate video on how I ready this I'm going.

To perhaps this video might per chance doubtless well dawdle up before that one however unquestionably you will look it on my channel so I appropriate ate my food and prepare to retire on myth of it changed into already getting dreary at the present I'll be having this uh jollof rice for my dinner I'm having this small section and that’s acceptable it guys that is acceptable it I hope you is doubtless to be.

Taking part on this video if you happen to is doubtless to be playing it please give this video a elaborate portion and subscribe k thanks so great to your real lend a hand on this channel I esteem you guys thanks so great thanks so fancy this is going to be the discontinue of on the present time's video I imagine you loved it.

While you lift out please lift out now now not neglect to subscribe fancy portion our movies and recede a comment within the comment section I might be there to acknowledge thanks so great for staring at and look you in my next one bye

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